Your most regretted purchase?-I need to vent!

  1. I'd love to hear what everybody else bought and then regretted, or maybe a purchase that was later found for a bargain. I am losing my mind over our Broyhill furniture! It is less than two years old and looks like 10. The seats sink two feet when you sit down and the cushions went from being overstuffed to smushed. (Then to add to it, our kitty got mad at us and peed on it, so I am freaking out!) I was under the misunderstanding that if you bought brand name=expensive stuff it would last longer, but guess not. Forget that wonderful warranty stuff- more aggrevation! I am just wishing hubby would have put his foot down and convinced me to buy something in the 100's range instead of 1000's so I wouldn't be so obsessed about it getting ruined. Of course the salesperson said it was more durable, any stains or problems would be taken care of etc etc. I stressed that it would be our everyday family room stuff and she insisted it would withstand even my 6'3" hubby lounging on it day after day! How could I have been so gullible? Grrrrrr - I didn't want to ever become a plastic furniture cover lady. So, what have you guys bought and then kicked yourself over?
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  3. by   Gompers
    This totally isn't a big thing, but it KILLS me just the same. :angryfire

    Since high school, I've been a magazine FREAK! I buy at least 6 of them a month, at about $4 each. Most of them, if subscribed to, would be $1 per issue instead. Subscription cards fall out of these things onto my lap ALL THE TIME, but do you think I've ever filled a single one out to get a cheaper rate? Noooooooo! I just throw them out, tear them up, use them to blot liptstick, etc.

    I know it sounds petty...but check this out:

    6 magazines per month for the past 10 years, at $4 each = $2,880

    6 magazines per month for the past 10 years, at $1 each = $720

    Do you think anyone on Ebay would want to buy the last 10 years of Cosmo or People? Don't know what's worse - spending all the money or being a packrat.
  4. by   prmenrs
    I bought a time share---who the heck wants to vacation in Ramona, CA?
  5. by   2ndgenerationnurse
    i have the same complaint as you, buffalolpn,about furniture; my 6'4" husband went thru so many lazy boys that i finaly bought him a huge leather chair and automin (sp?). it was very expensive ($1,000+) and it has a broken arm board and the stupid wheels on the automin never stay in the bottom, but all in all it is outliving the lazy boys... even the one that boasted a lifetime warranty! and he loves the thing. my couch and love seat must be cousins to yours!

    i have, in my lower income days, inheirited furniture that is 20+ years old and in better shape than my 5yo stuff. why is it that the manufacturers are just so narrow minded about profit? don't you think that if one company made furniture worth buying then all of us would advertise it for them and it would sell out all of the time?

    nursing seems to be going the same way.... let me explain.... the mgmnt is all about profit and numbers... but goes about boasting quality (just like the manufacturer)... then we, the caretakers get overwhelmed by the numbers and the lack of suplies and equipment that actually works... we can't give the care that our bosses boast and john q. public feels less than cared for.

    it all boils down to us, as consumers, needing to keep our voice and use it to make the manufacturer and the service industries know that we won't stand for it anymore! write, write ,write, and call those 800#'s ...then pass it on in the community when you get bad or GOOD service/ products.... we need to be heard and the more of us who yell out the more they will listen and change.

    ok.... so iguess i needed to vent too!
    thanks for the soap box! :chuckle i feel better now...
  6. by   Tweety
    My house. It's in a nice neighbor, perfect house but I hate it. The sprinkler system doesn't work after $2,000 and the yard is dead, turns out we need new wells. The tile needed replacing because one day out of the blue it rose up and cracked in the living room, the roof leaked, on and on. I hate this house, it's nothing but a money pit. We got a new roof and will be in debt a few years because it's a nice metal $12,000 roof. A lot of overtime paid $5,000 for new tile around the house, but the baseboards still need putting down and we need to paint. On and on and on. The previous owner of this house was very cheap we are finding out.
  7. by   H ynnoD
    We brought a new love seat and couch 4 to 5 years ago.$1900.They still look pretty good,but are beginning to show some wear and tear from Kids and Animals.As long as we have kids at home,we fiqure nothing is going to last very long.As for regretting buying something.I once brought a car for my wife that she said she thought it was nice.After I bought it,turned out she thought it was nice,but would never own one.
  8. by   phn92
    We bought an extended warrenty on our used Chevy van. It is suppose to be bumper-to-bumper coverage!!! So far anything that has gone wrong, wasn't covered under the warrenty!!! I could shoot the salesman who talked us into that one!!! Of course, I also want to kick our rear ends for not looking more closely at the fine print!! I would NEVER buy another one!! I guess it's one of those life lessons you learn!
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    I buy old furniture now just because of my kiddos. Once they are old enough to respect it better, I will get better (I'll be able to afford it then too!) Our biggest regretted purchase I think is the truck that we have now. My husband loved it and really needed it at first for the work he was doing. Then I got preggo with our third child (accident, big time..on BC and all!) and it has needed so much work that we have put waaaaaaaaaay too much money in this thing. It is getting sold as soon as we get another vehicle to replace it.
  10. by   Stitchie
    Hmm, bought a couch, oversize chair and ottoman at Ward's in Chicago (now out of business, of course) which looked ok and felt comfortable, but the couch squeaked every time you'd sit down on it.

    Then when we finally replaced it with a leather couch our kitty peed on it downstairs, then on the new leather one all in the same day! It's a no-win situation sometimes.

    We ended up taking kitty to the vet because I was so angry I was ready to put him to sleep and he has -- are you ready for this -- hyperthyroidism, and has to take tapazole. It has improved but hasn't completely erased the problem.

    The vet suggested thyroid eradication therapy, but then he'd be on synthroid so he'd still have to take pills. He's 14 years old and I'm not about to put him thru that. I love my kitties, both of them, they are my babies, but some of the therapies that the vets suggest just seem to be to make a profit on someone who's had her kitties for more than a decade!
  11. by   walterrn
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha: welcome to the homeowners association. I could live on a piece of plywood and bricks for a couch and milk crates for the rest of the furniture...........but I'm married, so THATS not going to happen. Fortunately, my wife has frugal (yet expensive)tastes and we get furniture on HER recommendation. Also, she can take an old piece of crap furniture and make it look brand new.

    A case in point: She bought an old couch, with wooden, curly, back and arms that smelled a little like kitty feces. She ripped off the old fabric and cushions and replaced them with a purple, polka dotted material (not my first choice, but heck, I just pay the bills), new cushoin insides, sanded and restained the wood parts and turned that old piece of crap into a marvel. I said we ought to sell it......she said "Hah".........well,thats not what she really said, but this is a G rated site.

    My newest "regrettable" purchase, was that I bought a 2003 Tacoma Toyota truck. Why that is regrettable, is that as much camping/fishing that I do, I should have spent the extra $10K and bought a 4 wheel drive. I mean, what's the difference between owing the bank $15K and owing $25K? Oh well, she's a good little truck.

    Walter the Nurse
  12. by   Energizer Bunny
    LOL @ Walter! You always make me laugh!
  13. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    My car. It's a timebomb waiting to happen. Transmission's days are numbered, needs all 4 brakes and rotars, oil leaking from somewhere, something wrong with the exhaust system. And the engine light is on continuously, but hell if i know why.

    I refer to it as a spiritual car. Everytime i get in it, i pray that it'll get me where i'm going and not leave my butt sitting on the side of the road
  14. by   movealong
    I just started painting my bedroom. I hate how the color looks under my lighting in the room. As soon as I am done with my coffee, I have to go back to home depot (ugh) and see if we can't remix it. It was supposed to be a light peach and looks like neon melon. Not exactly restful. I kept thinking once it dried it would look better. Wrong!

    I need a new couch too. But mine is 10 years old and sagging from my dog jumping on it.

    I always look for a couch with 3 seat cushions. You can switch them around as they start to wear and avoid that sag in the middle business. There are other signs to look for with furniture to tell if it's well made. You can spend alot money, but it doesn't mean the furniture has been made well. Look at the joints, are they glued or dovetailed? Stuff like that helps a little.