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  1. I was going through some home decorating sites earlier and thought I'd ask everyone what their idea would be of their dream house and where it would be located. Mine would be a log cabin located in woods next to a pond. It would be secluded but still not far from a town. I would need a fireplace, lots of cozy quilts, soft,fluffy pillows, music, and books, and at least one dog. It would be a get-away spot that I could retreat to when I needed some down time. I would also need a porch for a nice big swing so I could hear the birds sing as I sat and sipped a nice hot cup of tea. Just thinking about it makes me more relaxed already...
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Beach house. High ceilings and soft, muted colors. Soft, comfy seating and uncluttered decor. Lot of windows and skylights and indirect lighting. Lots of plants. Lots of candles. Fireplace. Stereo system throughout house. Several guest bedrooms. A library, and several quiet nooks throughout the house where you could curl up with a book. Big bathroom with big tub. A wine cellar. Huge deck overlooking the ocean with a hot tub and barbeque. Big dog. Unobtrusive housekeeper or maid and chef. Friends with time to fly in and hang out on weekends.

    Well, that made me smile. Might have to pick up a copy of Architectural Digest on the way home.
  4. by   Q.
    Our dream house is an all-brick executive ranch, located on at least 3 acres of lake property. Definitely a quiet, private lake with a no-wake rule.

    The house would be about 3000 sq feet, with a Northwoods motif in the great room, with a large stone hearth. Our library would be mahogany walls and cherry furniture, with a small fireplace and a sitting chair for reading. The walls would be filled with all of our books. ( I collect classic works). Near the window, my binoculars, telescope and bird book would be handy.

    I would have at least 1 acre of workable yard, with a garden for vegetables and a several gardens of flowers. I would have numerous birdfeeders throughout the yard. A beautiful slate-rock patio with an outdoor fireplace and bar would be needed.

    I think that is about it for now.
  5. by   live4today
    my dream house would be perched securely on an ocean embankment far away from city noise and traffic where i couldn't hear anything except the oceanwaves, the seagulls sounds, and perhaps the laughter of children playing at a distance. those are my favorite sounds! the house itself would be built with a large wall to wall glass window that faced the oceanside so every room i would enter would have an oceanview. i like tudor style cottages, but wouldn't be opposed to a contemporary styled one. i'd have a wooden deck that would wrap around the front portion of the house with plenty of comfortable lounge chairs, couches, tables, grills for cooking, etc. it would be one level, with a step up level into the huge kitchen /breakfast room combined for all the family and friends i could cram into it. since i love blues, ivory colors, sandy tan colors, and a splash of cranberry and jade green, that would be the color scheme for my dream house. man, this is really sounding good to me about now! now all i have to do is win the big lotto to make it come true! :chuckle
  6. by   micro
    house/actually with the look of logs on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean................pacific or atlantic.............maybe settle for a river............but no neighbors at least in immediate eye range........and a jacuzzi and a hot tub..............and a fire place.............

    and a place to write her #1 of best selling novels and then her..............

    well, a girl can dream.............
  7. by   aimeee
    It should overlook a river, but not too big of a river. Big yard, with big old trees, but not too close because there has to be lots of sunshine coming in the windows. Big old Victorian, nicely restored, with fabulous woodwork, high ceilings, and those tall tall windows. Wrap around porch, part of it enclosed, and of course swings and rockers. There should also be a little upstairs porch area. Finished dry basement so there is somewhere for the kids to have friends overnight where they can make all the noise they want and not disturb the rest of us and where they can play video games, music, etc. Lots of closets, redesigned with those systems so you can actually utilize the space in them, and at least 2-1/2 baths.

    When hubby and I were first married we rented an apartment that was actually the upstairs of an old Victorian house. It had originally been owned by a Dr. and he used the upstairs for his offices. There was a separate stairway with wainscoting and at the bottom of the stairway on the pedastal was a lamp that was a lady in a diaphonous gown holding a lamp on her head. The bedrooms, and the sunken dining area, had hardwood floors and the windows were narrow but about 8 feet tall. There was even a little porch area, part of which was enclosed, where we could sit and view the neighborhood from on high. And the skeeters didn't come up so high. Oh, how I hated to leave that place! And all that for $300/mo (which included heat too). What a bargain.
  8. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, the house I live in now certainly isn't my "dream house". My Dream House would be one of those mansions that you see on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with the in-ground pool, hot tub, sauna, bowling alley, movie theater, etc. Of course, I would have a staff of about 10 people to keep it up and also a personal chef and a Swedish Massagist named Sven. Of course to be able to afford all of this, I will have won Power Ball. I can dream, right?
  9. by   shay
    Got the house plan saved already. To start building in 3 years. Must be on at least 5 acres and far away from the neighbors. Lots of trees, lots of birds. A jacuzzi tub in the master bath that I need a snorkel for. See through fireplace next to the jacuzzi tub that connects the bath to the master BR.

    Here's my 'baby':

    Or this one...hubby and I are still negotiating. Big porches are a must for me. But like the tub on the 1st one. :

    I also like stargazer's plan.
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  10. by   Stargazer
    What a fun website!

    Ooooh, shay, my vote is for the 2nd one. Love the wrap-around porch and the size and openness of the rooms--it has a much better "flow" through the house.
  11. by   Robin61970
    Big enough that I'm on one end and my kids are on the other!!! lol. Actually I would want my Bedroom underground.....I want absolutely no light when I am sleeping......huge jacuzzi bathtub.......*SIGH*
  12. by   Jenny P
    Shay, go for house #2 as in the future it will be wonderful to have the Master Bedroom on the main floor. As one ages (espcially nurses!), it becomes a chore to climb steps.

    My dream house now is actually a town house on one level. We have a 3 bedroom rambler with a huge lawn now, and it is becoming too much for us to tend to. Isn't it amazing how our dream house changes as we age?
  13. by   massEDgirl
    My dream house would be one that is COMPLETELY PAID FOR!! the ocean
  14. by   adidas99
    My dream house, would be way out in the country in a small town, where my next neighbor isn't for another 3/4 of a mile. I want alot of acres. It'd be an old country styled home--Victorian styled, with a wrap around porch...and a basement that is arranged more like another living room, with a pool table, shuffle board, bar, etc... and an extra bedroom down there. I'd have wooden floors in my living room, with elegant rugs. Maybe a fireplace...not sure. I also want a gazebo in my back yard, with flowers(roses or daisies), also i'd have a garden. yep thats my dream house