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  1. americans are known for their beautifully decorated and "lit-up" houses at christmastime
    what i want to know is... which allnurse has the most lights on their house at christmas???? how long does it take you?and whats your favourite christmas decoration(indoor or out)
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  3. by   Ted
    There's a house down the road from us that probably has thousands and thousands of lights and dozens of lighted figurines (sp?)! It's wild, actually! They must have a HUGE electric bill around this time of year.

    Actually, we have just a few soft-white lights around our front porch. We'll probably put up our Christmas tree around December 22nd or 23rd or so. Amy and I have a tradition of going to this elderly semi-retired farmer's house where he now raises Christmas Trees to cut down a fresh Christmas tree. We always bring our dog. . . now "Bubbles" . . . . with us and let the the dog run wild around the Christmas tree forest. It's very "romantic" in a holiday season sense of the word. We also purchase a bunch of honey that this farmer crops during the summer and sells during the winter.

    We both decorate our house and tree. Use only orniments given to us throughout the years. 16 years of orniments is a lot of orniments!

    Holiday cheers to you!

  4. by   ayemmeff
    And to you,Ted! Using the gift ornaments is a beautiful idea! I put an ornament in both my sons' stockings,(every year)so that when they start their own homes they can put them on their trees.
    Have to go now,overcome with happysad tears,at the thought of my babies with their own trees!!