Young wife stabs hubby 200 times after

  1. Did you guys get the current t.v. newstory of the attractive, slender , young, blonde housewife who, after tying all four extremities to the bedposts---------------- stabbed him >
    200 times?

    It has been on CNN a couple of times this past week, they show her leaving the courtroom with her lawyer.

    This morning they said she is spending time with her children, and the judge has said no more of those visits and placed the 2 kids in the in-laws temporary custody.

    So, what would you tell your lawyer to get you off the hook??
    She is pleading --""Not was self defense.""

    Reminded me of the movie ""Chicago.""
    She would have been perfect as one of the cast. LOL
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Oh yes, we both reached for
    The gun, the gun, the gun, the gun
    Oh yes, we both reached for the gun
    For the gun.

    (annoyingly catchy little song!)

    Haven't seen the story - I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
  4. by   Zee_RN
    Nope, haven't seen that one yet. Sounds like a doozy.
  5. by   J-RN student
    WTF is with these posts?
  6. by   majrn
    ????????????? Problem ????????????? Its just a post about a new story. I dont see the problem.
  7. by   J-RN student
  8. by   cwazycwissyRN
    200 times She sure wanted to make sure of something.
  9. by   night owl
    Hmmmm....... Maybe he was a baaaaaaaaad boy and she flipped out. She didn't believe in cutting off anything except his life! Pheeeeeeeeeeeeew!
  10. by   BranRN
    I wonder if she did it out of bordom and stupidity??
  11. by   BadBird
    Kind of reminds me of Lizzie Borden, hmmmmmmmmmm wonder what the poor guy did to deserve that.
  12. by   jnette
    Could also be that perhaps he had her tied all fours to the bedposts a time or two in the past and did God only knows what to her to cause such a traumatic and tragic event. It may have all boiled down to "my life or your life".

    I've seen too much to judge these things anymore. Always gotta walk in someone else's shoes first... dunno.