You know what I love to do

  1. Besides golfing that is

    I love to Take my little accent that Im averaging 36 miles to the gallon with and only fill up once a month. And I love to find a busy gas station where a lot of trucks and bug cars like suburbans and expeditions and other assorted gas guzzling gas hogs are. I pull in and while my little tank is filling up. I loudly go into my tirade about the price of gas. And watch as my little fill up of 26 dollars doesnt even stand up to their mega purchases of 70 and 80 dollars.

    " Gol darn cant you just believe the price of this gas, Those gol durn Republicans are really just messing everything up. You know all them thar Republicans are all just loving what them gas companies are doing to us and our enviroment. Aint just amazing how much those republicans and gas companies out there are just trying to rip us off and being so gol durn successful at it. We really need to get them thar Democrats back into power. They always fix what the Republicans mess up, they always do. Republicans are in bed with them gas companiens, your inserting the gas spigot into your tank, your pumping money into their pockets.'

    Or something like that I have quite a few variations.

    I love watching all these people with gas gizzlers that continue to pollute our enviroment react to my little tirade over the price of gas and my little economical car.

    Gas guzzlers of the world beware, the gas companies really love doing it to you.
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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    LOL Tom, you are too funny.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    My hubby has a Prius and it gets 45-50 mpg! lol
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    i was going to get a prius but opted for the altima because i thought that it would be more comfortable for longer rides
    all things are relative, i was getting 20 mpg in my kia and now i am getting like 30/35 mpg still ain't cheap

    tee, i hope that you don't run into someone with no sense of humor
  6. by   Conrad283
    Gas prices are getting out of hand. ~$50 a fill up here