You gotta love being put on call and being called 20 minutes later!

  1. Our census is low due to low surgical cases over the Thanksgiving holiday. Plus we are flush with staff for the winter upswing in census that's to come.

    So I'm canceled and called in 20 minutes later. 2 ER admits and an ICU transfer coming?

    What these patients suddenly appeared??? Didn't know this 20 minutes ago when I could have come in and gotten my same assignment I've had all week long??? Noooooo....

    Bitter, yes I am. grrrrrr..
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  3. by   aus nurse
    Arrgh for you 3rdShiftGuy,

    Not a whole lotta communication going on at your workplace hey
  4. by   SnowymtnRN
    that pisses me off too. Its like you are supposed to sit around and WAIT for them to get their act together. ugh...
  5. by   2ndCareerRN
    Communication is the key..on any floor.

    I call the house supervisor several times a night to let her know what is happening in the ER. If I even think I am going to have an admit I will call and warn her so she doesn't send someone home, or call someone off. I would much rather have to many people in the hosp than to few.....but then again, I am not management!!

  6. by   dianah
    Been on angio call for at least 20 years . . . from every other week to every fourth week . . . worst for me is getting called in on a Sun. nite, after you're in bed, being up for a few hours, going back to bed, then having to show up Mon. a.m. for your regular "tour of duty." Never have liked it, never will.
  7. by   Stargazer
    I think the problem is that staffing is too tight to allow for any flexibility (i.e., change in pt status, unexpected admits). I distinctly remember one evening when I had to cancel a scheduled FT nurse in ICU. I was charge and had an assignment: one more or less stable postop CABG about 12 hours out. There was another CABG due to come off 1:1 during the shift. So no problem, right?

    WRONG. Within 30 mins of my cancelling the nurse, all hell broke loose. A neurosurgery pt went nuts in the PACU, tore out his ventric, A-line, Swan, Foley, everything. He had to be sedated, taken down for an emergency CT scan with a nurse escort, then have all his lines replaced. The CABG who was supposed to come off 1:1 wasn't stabilizing and was being cared for by one of our weaker nurses, and I was too busy to give her much help. A cardiac cath pt. crashed and had to go for an emergency CABG.

    Feeling like a fool, I ended up calling the cancelled nurse back and begged her to come in from 7 - 11 (and from 11 - 3 if she wanted). She was gracious enough (or poor enough) to come in--but it would've been so much safer and easier if she'd been there from the start.
    I got called of on the Fourth of July once for my 7a-3:30p shift. They called me in at 6:50.

    So of course my entire day is f*cked cause I was 45 minutes behind.

  9. by   nursegoodguy
    No call for me... but I do work 7 shifts per week... Occasionally 8 too...