Yikes! Lock your car doors!

  1. A public service announcement for your morning--always lock the car doors...

    As I pull into work this morning a breaking news story cuts in on the radio, police are in pursuit of a Jimmy, yada yada ( that would explain the officer I saw but never even heard flying by me) on I69 which was stolen from XX (insert my workplace) with a baby inside Glad I was just parking or I probably would've drove off the road. Didn't even see the police, guess the other parking lot was swarming. Another employee's daughter pulled up to the door to drop something off to mom & car was gone in a moment, even got a glimpse of the driver as she was coming back out.

    Thankfully, baby & car were recovered, and the man was a total stranger, don't know where he came from? Bizarre...we're assuming he probably didn't even know the baby was in there. I can think of times I've done the same thing to pay at the gas station or run back into the house to grab something, anyway I'm very thankful to not have been in her place. Unfortunately it is neccesary to get a reminder of the "bad" people in the world sometimes.
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    duplicate post. can you tell i have not had my coffee yet?
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    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    Good grief thankfully baby is ok. I am in serious doubt as the reason WHY anyone would leave a car unlocked these days, let alone with a baby in it. NOT too very smart. I am glad for my remote keyless entry. I just hit it and lock the doors automaticaly w/o even thinking. Oh well, thankfully it ended ok.
  5. by   deespoohbear
    Leslie, I hadn't heard of this yet today on the local channels...People are just plain crazy anymore. Glad this one had a happy ending.....
  6. by   passing thru
    I read something in this vein a while back. They said, when you are at the mall, always look around when approaching your car. And have your keys ready, and AS SOON AS YOU GET INTO YOUR CAR, LOCK THE DOORS. It said, and don't sit there lighting a cigarette or selecting a radio station, etc, but prepare to leave.
    The reason being, if there are any car thefts in your vicinity, and the car thieves want to ditch the car, the # 1 place they go to get another car is at the mall. They will make you move over at gunpoint & hijack you & your car.
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    Originally posted by deespoohbear
    Leslie, I hadn't heard of this yet today on the local channels...People are just plain crazy anymore. Glad this one had a happy ending.....
    Our owner will be happy, he doesn't want our name on the news at least not in a bad way...

    Yeah, glad it was a happy ending, but makes me wonder, who the heck's hanging around outside in the parking lots?
  8. by   BadBird
    That also happened in Pa, the mother was arrested for child abandonment, turns out she had a major drug problem too. Poor kids.
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    Here's the story (edited to protect Lausana's privacy...)

    Posted on Fri, Jan. 31, 2003

    Carjacked SUV, baby rescued
    Police shut down I-69 to catch the suspect.
    By Mitch Sneed and Sandra Hong
    of The News-Sentinel

    Safely rescued
    Fort Wayne Police officers bring a child into headquarters on Creighton Avenue after the 13-month-old was rescued from a stolen SUV on Interstate 69.

    A man suspected of stealing a sport utility vehicle with a 13-month-old child inside was apprehended as he fled on Interstate 69 today, forcing portions of the expressway to be closed during morning rush hour.

    A 1998 four-wheel drive GMC Jimmy was reportedly taken just before 8 a.m. from the parking lot of a business in the area of West State Boulevard.

    "The preliminary information that we have is a woman left the vehicle running and briefly ran inside a business there," Fort Wayne Police Sgt. Tom Rhodes said. "When she returned, the Jimmy was gone, with the child in its car seat still inside."

    With a description of the SUV broadcast, a Fort Wayne officer spotted the Jimmy, just north of Coldwater Road. The vehicle was followed and other officers responded along the route.

    With officers from the Fort Wayne Police,the Allen County Sheriff's Department and the Indiana State Police following, the driver went north on I-69. With police vehicles in place, the Jimmy was stopped just inside DeKalb County near mile marker No. 123 and the driver was arrested without incident.

    The child was found unharmed inside, according to Rhodes.

    "This was not a pursuit or a high-speed chase," Rhodes said. "We located the vehicle and followed until it was able to be stopped."

    The girl was reunited with her mother at Police Department headquarters on Creighton Avenue.

    To clear the path for police vehicles, traffic was stopped on I-69 for about 10 minutes. The incident was over in about 30 minutes.

    Information on the suspect was not released, but officials were exploring if the theft and abduction were related to a domestic incident.

    Witnesses near the theft scene described a white man about 30 years old walking in the area before the theft. No description of the arrested suspect was released.

    "It would be premature to comment on any of that until we are able to gather all the information," Rhodes said. "Officers are still returning and details will be made public when available."
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    About an hour after the story was up online the news station next door (the bad neighbor ) called over acting like we were buddies and asked for a couple details...I told there was already a story in the paper with those included ok, I did direct her to someone else... but I wish I could've seen her face. I can't stand faky-smooshers.

    ...and thanks for keeping me incognito I feel very mysterious!