Yet another silly test

  1. I know there was a personality test on here, based on colour but this one is refreshingly different.
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  3. by   Mkue
    I picked Gray

    Gray: Cold and stark...soft and enveloping. Don't stand still too long if you're in a relationship with someone who picks gray for their favorite color. You'll experience both sides of that coin. A female who loves gray comes across as cool and professional. She can shake her hair down but a lump in the covers can have her drifting off in her mind to do her taxes. A man who likes gray is hard to reach and attacks love like a duty. Grays are best suited to other grays...together, they form a very content union.

  4. by   nowplayingEDRN
    I picked green, because it was my favorite colour and it was soo me. I just thought that the out comes were a bit nicer than some of those tests I have done....and the choices were definitely better lol lol
  5. by   cwazycwissyRN
    I picked purple, hmmmm,:imbar :chuckle
  6. by   subec
    Blue: Heaven and gentle waves are the hallmark of blue lovers. They love love and can be gentle and passionate at the same time. Blues tease and tickle and then light candles and pull you down to serious business. A blue can be satisfied with one love so long as they are passionate and joyous. Blues stick with you during hard times and are there to dance when times are good.
  7. by   funnygirl_rn
    I picked both green & red...both are my favorite colors. Wasn't a bad out-come or combination. Must be the darn Gemini in me.....heehee!
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Blue has always been my favorite color. My husband picked red but it doesn't sound like him at all and my daughter picked pink and that is definitely not her. 1 out of 3 . . . .hmmmmmm . . .

  9. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Green:It's not for nothing that green invokes visions of gently rolling fields and fresh spring scents. The lovers of green make enduring and endearing partners who believe in love and romance. It's easy to drift into a relationship with a green lover and never disentangle yourself...or want to. Greens understand give and take...if you give your all in a relationship with one, you'll get everything they have to give...just don't look at greener pastures while they're watching you...that's one monster you never want to face.

    This was truely me! lol