Yard Sale tips...for those selling and buying

  1. I've had so many yard sales and gone to so many that I thought I would post some tips here for everyone!! Please feel free to add to this!

    For those selling:

    *put toys on the ground on a tarp, blanket or tablecloth (don't forget the dew will make it we so the blanket is not the best option). This way the toys are on the kids' level and they will bug the parents to buy something.

    *have a 10 cent kids' box or tote for them to throw around, play with and go through. It keeps them busy so the parent's can shop longer.

    *always, always, always have a FREE box. People will stop when they see that even if they hadn't intended on stopping and then they will stay to look most of the time.

    *everything that you can fit on your tables should be on them. You are going to have pregnant women and elderly people that cannot bend down (or cannot get back up).

    *Provide bags. Usually you can get them free at the store if you don't already have some in your house. Sometimes the store will charge you a minimal amount.

    *have tissue paper or newspaper available for breakables so that you may wrap them.

    *provide a beverage or snack or both. If it is a hot day, your browsers will appreciate it and it may keep them there longer.

    *Advertise!!!! and make sure to have your sale on Friday if at all possible. For some reason Friday is the BEST day for sales! I make mega moula then! When you advertise, do not only do it in the paper or only put up signs. Do BOTH!! Just make sure your signs are not attached to street signs or you'll get in trouble with the law! LOL!

    *be willing to bargain. I made the second afternoon of my sale with everything half price. I announced this to those (when leaving) the day before and some did come back and purchase more the second afternoon that I wouldn't have sold otherwise!

    *try to get at least one other family involved in your sale so that you can advertise it as a MULTI-family sale. You'll get many more people this way! And, if your neighborhood does sales regularly, try to schedule them all at the same time.

    *If you aren't going to take early birds, put that in your ad. Otherwise, be prepared and let them go through things even if they are still in boxes, etc. I did great dealing at 7 am and my sale didn't start until 9!

    *It's better if everything is on level ground because you will get disabled, elderly and pregnant people there.

    *don't assume that because someone is not dressed nice that they don't have money and fall for their spiel. Making a deal is fine but practically giving things away defeats the purpose.

    *Smile, smile, smile and converse!!! ask people if they need help. Don't just sit there like a bump on a log!

    *read body language. You can usually tell if someone is excited about an item even if they are trying to hide it. When this is the case, you should be able to get them to buy the item for full price or close to it with a little chatter.

    *Make sure you have LOTS OF CHANGE! (especially first thing in the AM)

    For those buying:

    *Make sure you have LOTS OF CHANGE! (LOL!)

    *Try not to carry your purse...it could get set down somewhere and then, poof! it's gone.

    *Take a friend so you can switch off watching kids if you don't want to take them out of the car.

    *Give the kiddos a certain amount of change and let them get what they want. It's a great way to teach the value of money.

    *Barter...don't ever pay full price unless the item is something you really, really want and the owner doesn't seem to want to part with it.

    *bring drinks and snacks (something that won't get your hands yucky)

    *bring baby wipes (to wipe your icky hands after touching everything or in case something needs wiped off, including kiddos faces when they eat all the junk you bring for them!)

    *don't just look for sales in the newspaper. Around here, half of them don't advertise because they know they don't HAVE to. I can generally find 20-30 sales that were never listed in the paper and sometimes you can find the best deals there because they aren't quite as busy as the ones listed in the paper.

    *bring your own plastic bags and newspaper to wrap breakables...you never know if the seller will not have these things or run out of them.

    *go back at the very end of the sale and see what's left. sometimes they'll practically give things away just so they don't have to pack them up. Or, they may just give you some! I added a bunch more FREE things to my curb after the sale was over!

    *smile and make small talk.

    *make sure to look everywhere!! Some of the best stuff is on the bottom of the pile.

    *wear sunscreen and take an umbrella...weather changes!

    *wear layers of clothing so that when that morning chill wears off you can just peel them off and stay comfortable.

    *take a big shoulder bag to throw all your purchases in so you can have your hands free while still looking.

    *Moving sales and multi-family sales tend to be the best.

    *if you are looking for children's clothing, the best place isn't going to be an elderly person's house. If you are looking for antiques, the best place isn't going to be one with a ton of toys/kids' clothing. You see what I mean!

    *Look for free stuff!

    Okay, that's it for now.......gotta run. I'm sure I'll think of more later. Hope this helps some of you!
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  3. by   suzy253
    would you mind running my yard sale for me? :chuckle don't have one scheduled yet and have some stuff to sell--just haven't gotten around to doing anything about it though. Great tips!
  4. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
  5. by   gypsyatheart
    Great tips! My SIL and I are planning on one for next weekend. We wern't planning on a Fri sale, but now maybe we will....
    Also I heard once about having yard sales at the 1st of the month cause that's when more people get paid, but I think in summertime, people have sales every weekend...
  6. by   kids
    Sellers: Put fragile/breakable things on sturdy surfaces out of the reach of small children.

    Buyers: If you bring your children supervise them. The "you break it you buy it" rule applies at yard/tag sales too.
  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    Suzy....I would LOVE to run yours. I love to do it and meet so many nice people there!

    Another good tip....if there is a festival of some sort going on in your town at any specific time, that is the weekend to have it! I had ours during Lucy/Dezi days (also Memorial Day weekend here) and did fabulously!

    Our neighbors are having one now because the greek festival is happening a couple blocks down. They didn't even advertise and are doing well!
  8. by   Energizer Bunny
    oh...put big things out front...the real eye catchers...like big baby items and furniture..also antiques.

    Another thing...watch for shop lifters. I had things missing that I never sold. I would definately call the police on any that do it...goodness, they are already getting things at a steal, what more do they want?