X-russian scientist working to help

  1. A friend sent me this one....it's really interesting

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  3. by   breanna
    Thanks for that article. It was great! I read Alibek's book a couple of years ago. It provides a great insight as to who is capable of what, how and why. I am glad he is on our team now. Too bad most of his top guys went to the other side -huh?
  4. by   essarge
    That is a really scary thought. To think that someone who can manipulate something like anthrax and make it deadly is beyond my comprehension. I hope that this gentleman can help!
  5. by   debbyed
    He may be on "our side" but how many are on the "Other side"
  6. by   breanna
    On "the other side" are almost Alibek's entire staff according to his book (*Biohazard*) and Miller's book, *Germs.* I read the number is into the thousands. The books describe that they have bioengineered other dangerous pathogens too. The books are excellent Halloween reading. Very scary! Boooooooooo!