1. We just had our bathroom remodeled. The guys took forever doing it thanks to total disorganization. Anyway, there are several small nitpicky issues that I have. The molding isn't flush with the wall, there is a hole large enough for my hand to fit in above the door frame, gaps everywhere in the molding and door frames. I finally broke down and called the boss of the outfit and he sounded like he got ticked, but I don't know if it's with me or the crew or what. Another crew is out here to paint today and they have had multiple complaints regarding the quality or lack thereof, of the work done. If it were you, would you keep at it until it's perfect or should I let it go?
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  3. by   nursemary9
    Keep complaining until it's the way you expect.
    I assume you have a contract; don;t pay until it meets specifications.

    It should be exactly as you expect it to be before you pay & completely sign off on it.
  4. by   nursemary9

    You are not being nit-picky---you just want the job to look professional like it should
  5. by   donsterRN

    If you're writing the checks, these people work for you. And if the job is not done to your satisfaction, then stop writing checks. If you have a contract, hold them accountable. And if you are still not satisfied, make sure you advise the BBB.

    Nothing irks me more than so-called pros doing a half-azzed job.

    Good luck, and post how it turns out, OK?
  6. by   DDRN4me
    you are not being picky at all. you paid for a professional job, so you deserve to get one.
  7. by   Cherish
    Take pictures of the finished product. Contact the company and keep on doing this until they fix it. If this does not work and this is a LEGITIMATE company file suit with the Better Business Bureau if they do not want to correct the problem. My mom had this same problem with a roofing company. She had no problems prior to the new roof and they supposedly fixed it 4 different times and it still leaked. They told her that there was nothing else they could do. She contacted the BBB, after that the owner of the company and a NEW crew came out and fixed it. She hasn't had a problem since.
  8. by   CHATSDALE
    you ae going to have to live with this a long time make some loud noise
  9. by   Medic2RN
    You're doing the right thing. You paid for a service and you should get the result you want. I don't think those are nit picky issues at all.
    I would also suggest that you document EVERYTHING. Phone conversations, what was said, pictures of what you find fault in, and write letters to the owner - make sure it is sent certified.
    Believe me, I am currently (still) in a construction "soap opera" that is about to become a lawsuit, unfortunately. Keep very good records and hopefully, it will be fixed. Good luck!
  10. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    Thanks for all the advice! Unfortunately, DH has evicted them. The boss came out today and basically blamed all the work problems on the existing structure, ie the ceiling is warped so the molding and doorframe must be crooked. My FIL took a level to the ceiling and it is most definitely not warped. I don't know what to do. I got the company's name from our hospital discount book and I'm going to call tomorrow and ask that they not be used in upcoming years. I'm considering having someone else come estimate the cost of making it right and then telling the original contractor to take it off our current amount owed. I really don't want these people back in my house. From the start they were disorganized, worked 4 and 5 hour days, left us with no working toilet for 3 days, no tub or shower for one week, etc. This job should've taken 2 weeks at the most and it's been over a month. Everything is crooked. I am just tired of them. I asked to be kept informed on any price adjustments and I wasn't. I expected to maybe owe about 2k but it came out to be 4k. If they had kept me informed, I could've stopped where I was comfortable. I may go give them a bad review on yahoo local, lol.
  11. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    I must add that this is a reputable company that's been around for at least 20 years. I can't believe their work looks this bad.
  12. by   nursemary9
    Make sure you get pictures; if they don't make it right, take those pics to a local TV Station or even a newspaper; REPORT them to BBB.

    You can't just accept shoddy work
  13. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    Their secretary called me this morning. She of course doesn't have any control over them, but she apologized and adjusted my bill several hundred dollars, so I'm satisfied.
  14. by   compassion1
    Will that adjustment cover the cost of having someone else come in after them to get the job done correctly or is this company going to correct their mistakes to do the professional job that they should have done... and as well as you'd expect from a professional company. If not, BBB should guide you in making them do the job properly. In my opinion, an adjustment in cost won't make up for a shoddy job. Only for the aggrevation they caused.