WTF is with

  1. THIS F(%^&$# G#$(^%D#^%$(& SNOW!!!!!! i know i know i live in western ny, i grew up near buffalo for gods sake, i'm totally used to snow....but now IM SICK OF IT!! at home my dad always cleaned out the driveway/sidewalks.......and most of the time even cleaned off my car. people that work here, maintenece or whomever....didn't even clean out the parking lot!! i got home from my parents house and almost spun out twice before i got to my building...i finally found a place to park my car and i'm not sure if i'll be able to get it out to go to work in 2 hours........ARGGHHHHHHHH!!! ah well, there is only about a foot of snow here....there was two and a half feet at my parents house
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  3. by   Hardknox
    I HATE SNOW!!!! and it's only Dec.26th. Time to move south............
  4. by   Ted
    . . . that best describes all of the f**king snow we received yesterday. . .


    I hate snow. My back hurts

    sucks. . .

    I know how ya feel Walmart. The snow is fun.... to look at. But I try not to come into actual contact with it too often.

    The boys went out yesterday and built an awesome fort! I took pictures with my camera from the kitchen window. Hubby said, "all of his memories are going to be of you watching us from the window like a hermit." I don't care, it's too farggin cold!

  6. by   WalMart_ADN
    i have no memories of my mom playing out in the snow with us.
    and i'm fine.
    i promise your child will not be tramutized in the long run.
    Thank you Walmart! That means alot to me, really!
  8. by   Mkue
    OMG, NY got hit really hard I heard, too much snow is just a PAIN in the butt:chuckle
  9. by   Furball
    I moved from NY to NC recently......


    Where's Kewl when ya need him?
  10. by   OBNurseShelley
    SNOW is wrong ya'all can have it! I'm head to california in 2 weeks, woohoo!!!!!!!!
  11. by   researchrabbit
    We had snow the 24th and 25th, just enough so everything looked beautiful, and not enough to make the roads bad. And now it's almost all melted...just the way I like it!! (neener neener neener)
  12. by   emily_mom
    At least you have snow.....
  13. by   2banurse
    Snow? What's snow?...

    Keep warm!!

  14. by   baseline
    I'm originally from the Buffalo area.........and honey...its WAY to early to be sick of the snow!!! lOL Youre just getting warmed up!!!