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  2. [FONT=century gothic]i was in nyc in november for a conference...we went to ground zero...well, as close as we could...some feel it was sick to go...i felt that since i was already in the city...9/11 was an important event in american history, in my life, in the llives of people not yet in existance. i felt a need to see what it was, this site of such a horrific event...anyway...these posts are pix i took.....justr recently got the cd of the pix out and fiddled around with it...only chose the pix that i felt were was a horrible thing...i will never as ong as i live forget the sight, the smell. the emotion....
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    more pix...
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    and more....
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    annnnnddd mooooooooooooooore
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    look...more pix...
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    thanks sunnygirl for sharing. 1 yr anniversery right around the corner..seems like yesterday..........LR
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    almost done...
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    last one...
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    thank you... people seem to forget so easily. I still can't!
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    This has probably already been done a million times over, but please indulge me. Where were you on September 11th?

    I was asleep. I figure I must have turned my car radio off just before it happened. I went straight to bed, slept till 1800. I turned on the TV knowing nothing and turned to The Simpsons (off all things). I was watching for a few minutes and then text started scrolling across the screen. WHAT?!! I probably said out loud. Terrorists have attacked the twin towers?!! What the &^%*^^^? I was glued to CNN long into the night. I was afraid to go out and afraid to look at the sky. I didn't know what the heck was going on. I heard that hundreds of plane loads of people were being re-routed to my city. I wanted to help them, but I was afraid to leave my apartment. I took me a month before I stopped being afraid whenever I saw a plane in the sky.