WTC/Pentagon Victim's Quilt Project

  1. Earlier this week I was awake in the middle of the night and was thinking about the WTC victims. All of a sudden, the light bulb popped on and I got the idea to start a WTC/Pentagon Victim's Quilt to aid the families, friends and companies who lost employees in dealing with the grief over the loss of those people.
    I really don't know much about starting this type of project but I have researching the Aids Quilt project to find out how it was started. If each person who wanted to remember a person was given a 3foot by 6 foot rectangle to make their quilt square from, and most people made a square, the quilt would be quite large and probably have to be made into several smaller blocks to be displayed. Once it was done, maybe a memorial case could be placed at the site to display the quilt.
    Can I have some opinions from the post-ers on this forum as to how you feel about this.
    I would probably have to start a non-profit org. to do such a large project but I thought it would be a really good way to remember each victim.

    Look forward to your opinions. If interested in helping me, let me know in your posts and I'll send you an email when it gets started.

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  3. by   MRed94
    This is an awesome idea!

    I wonder who you would talk to in NY or DC to get approval, if it is needed? Try talking to your local representative.....

    Let us know what is happening with it. I would be happy to help out if I could.