WTC & Political Correctness...Poster is a Done Deal !!

  1. Go to , give it a couple minutes to load, then ... in the center of the page, about 1/2 way down, there is the ad about WTC poster for sale..and a picture. After clicking on the site, click on the pic a couple of times and it will get larger and you will see an "event that never happened." A hispanic, afro-american, and white fireman raising the flag. You can use your power. Your power, and mine, is in our wallets. Do not buy this poster and your opinion will be heard. Our silent voices will be deafening. Vote with your $$$.

    And, each of us could e-mail all of our e-mail pals to not buy this misleading, false depiction of a true event. They could carry it on until the source: allnurses...reaches every computer in America.
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