Wrong number leads to woman's arrest

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    Last Update: Thursday, March 18, 2004. 7:13pm (AEDT)

    Wrong number leads to woman's arrest

    US police say an Oklahoma woman dialed a wrong number and ended up under arrest after she tried to set up a drug deal with her former parole officer.

    Patricia Michel was arrested last week on suspicion of the unlawful distribution of a dangerous controlled substance at her home in Durant, Oklahoma, near the Texas border.

    Michel called her former parole officer, Doug Canant, on his mobile phone by mistake, thinking he could help set up a deal where she could acquire methamphetamines, police said.

    "I am a bit of a joker, so I was playing along," Mr Canant said. "She thought she was talking to her local drug dealer."

    Mr Canant says she told him she did not have money to buy drugs because she was waiting for her US tax refund and wanted to exchange one type of drug for another.

    Acting on Mr Canant's tip, the local drug task force sent agents to Michel's house and set up a deal.

    She handed over two pills that were controlled substances and instead of getting drugs, she got arrested, police said.

    Michel has been released on bond but faces between two years and life in prison if convicted. If she receives parole, she may have Mr Canant as her parole officer again.

    "It is a small town and there are only three of us [parole officers]. It will be the luck of the draw," Mr Canant said.

    -- Reuters
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