Would you tattoo "RN" on your body?

  1. I saw a reference to this on another thread. I'm just curious as to how common this is.
  2. Poll: Tattoo of "RN" on your...ahem...buttocks or elsewhere?

    • I already have one. Wanna see?

      4.76% 2
    • NO WAY!!

      50.00% 21
    • Sounds like a good idea.

      21.43% 9
    • Some other tatto, but not "RN".

      23.81% 10
    42 Votes
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  4. by   gwenith
    I would not have a tattoo - too painful!!! But I sort of think if I had to have one DNR written across my chest.....................
  5. by   Tweety
    Nope. But I don't do tats of any sort.
  6. by   ptnurse
    I am not into tattoos either, but if I were to get one R.N. would not be it.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Ummm why???????

    IF I were to get a tat, it would not be a "Brand" such as RN. I would feel demeaned by such a thing.

    I am not into tats, anyhow. I find them ugly as people get older. Not into pain, either. That's just me.

    *still shaking head,wondering WHY?
  8. by   CashewLPN

    (I'm an LPN)

  9. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Originally posted by Yeti1313LPN

    (I'm an LPN)

    Barbara, you are too funny!!

    Not into tats but if I were, RN would not be the tat.
  10. by   nursedawn67
    I have many Tattoos, I'm not an RN so obviously RN wouldn't be one I would get. But I could see where people would do it...be proud to be RN/LPN/BSN whatever you are...you worked hard to call yourself that!
  11. by   PennyLane
    I wouldn't ever get any tattoos. But if I were, it wouldn't be one of my profession. Just as I wouldn't get lawyer, doctor, teacher, or any other profession or degree I've attained tattooed on me.

    For me, and this may change once I enter the nursing world for good, what I do does not define me. I am more than the sum of my parts....
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    Nope, I wouldn't get a tatoo of any sort because I think tatoo art looks tacky.

  13. by   shygirl
    Originally posted by stevielynn
    Nope, I wouldn't get a tatoo of any sort because I think tatoo art looks tacky.


    Some are very tacky, but mine are really cute! No, I wouldn't do the RN one though!

  14. by   CashewLPN
    hmm... on a more serious note.... I was thinking of a ceduceus(forgive the spelling, please) in the manner of the PAN symbol...

    I do have 6 other tattoos....
    skippily yours!
  15. by   Rapheal
    Only if it was universally known to mean "Real Naughty".