Would you rather...?

  1. ever heard of the boardgame "zobmondo - would you rather?". the game poses questions with two options and you choose which option you would rather do. the content can be silly, gross, etc - but, if you have the right sense of humor - it can be ridiculously fun. if you like the theory - please join in in answering and pose your own "would you rather..." question. the one i am listing is from a zobmondo page-a-day calendar for 2007.

    :uhoh21: would rather have permanently lathered hair or have your sole means of locomotion be moonwalking?
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  3. by   compassion1
    I'll take the lathered hair. I'd think moonwalking might be slow and hazardous.
    Would you rather run on your hands or bounce along on your head while taking a walk in the moon?
  4. by   Seven, RN2b
    run on my hands! that would be cool!

    i had almost given up on this post. i changed my first question because i thought people may not be responding because they were offended.

    would you rather be able to summon background singers at any moment or have eyes that can tint themselves like light sensitive sunglasses?
  5. by   compassion1
    I'd take the background singers 'cause I like singing and we could make some great music together.

    Would you rather have the gestation of an elephant or the lifespan of a hummingbird?
  6. by   Seven, RN2b
    Lifespan of a hummingbird.

    Would you rather be able to fly or be able to read other people's thoughts?
  7. by   TazziRN
    Quote from RMBnAZ
    Would you rather be able to fly or be able to read other people's thoughts?

    Would you rather sleep on a bed of nails or sleep standing up?
  8. by   compassion1
    Standing up.

    Would you rather eat an uncooked frog or start a new fashion trend by wearing porcupine quills.
  9. by   EmerNurse
    I'll take the quills!

    Would you rather have 10 sundowners all going off at once and no meds/restraints or 5 small bowel obstructions with no NGT's & pampers?

    <wicked grin>
  10. by   muffie
    i'll take the sundowners any day and let them have at it
    5 puking poopers no way

    would you rather work untrained in icu or take an accreditation team around the hospital ?
  11. by   compassion1
    I'll take the team.

    Would you rather clean out septic tanks for a living or run telephone wires up those high telephone poles (heat, rain, snow, etc.) for a living.
  12. by   muffie
    i'll take the telephone poles

    would you rather hawk pharmaceuticals all over the country or work in a small rural hospital ?
  13. by   compassion1
    I'll take the hospital. No brainer there.

    Would you rather go on a long trip to Mars or explore underwater caverns.
  14. by   muffie
    sign me up for a space suit

    w y r take a 20 minute cold shower or watch 5 hours of non-stop soap operas