Would you live in a town called...

  1. I was surfin the net for strange and unusual names in the USA and this is the list I obtained for the worst possible places to live just because...Would you live in a town called...

    Euren, WI
    Butt's Corner, NY
    Hookersville, WV
    Humptulips, WA...huh???
    Crappo, MD
    Scaggsville, MD
    Hell, MI....We've all been there!
    Assville, TN
    French Lick, IN
    Bowlegs, OK
    Oddville, KY
    It, Mississippi
    Panic, PA
    Eek, Alaska
    Horneytown,WC...I think we've all been there too..
    Spread Eagle, WI
    Looneyville, TX...My kids send me there at least once a month
    Booger Holler, AK....Now I'd love to visit this place!
    Toad Suck, AK

    These are REAL names in REAL towns in the USA! Where do you live? Why in Hell, USA of course! :chuckle

    How about going to...

    in Ohio for the day?!?! Ohhhhhhh Mama! :imbar

    How bout a get away to Medical Lake, WA? I wonder what's in it???
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  3. by   Shamrock
    Funny! There is a Gas, Kan. How about making a
    deposit at the !st Bank of Gas!!!
  4. by   teeituptom
    Can I move to hookersville
  5. by   teadrinkr
    There is also Intercourse, PA.
  6. by   RainbowzLPN
    And there's also a Blueball, Pa.
  7. by   mandykatrn
    Then there's Boring, OR

  8. by   MtnMan
    Don't forget Bird-in-Hand PA
  9. by   nessa1982
    I've been to Booger Holler. My Dad even bought the T shirt.

    how about Manteca, CA (manteca is Spanish for Lard),
  10. by   goats'r'us
    has anyone seen jackass?
    there's also mianus, CT
  11. by   MishlB
    "Fertile woman dies in Climax"--news at 11:00.
    Fertile, Moorhead, and Climax...I used to live in North Dakota, these are three towns in the area.....
  12. by   CVnurse08
    I too have been to Booger Hollow and Toad Suck, AR. The billboard as you are entering Booger Hollow says " Population 7, countin' one coon dog" !! If I knew how I would post the pic I have of it on here.
    P.S. There is also a Bucksnort,TN on Bucksnort Mtn.
  13. by   nimbex
    Dumass AR
  14. by   nowplayingEDRN