World Peace

  1. Since ,Im assuming,we all want world peace,and since J.Carter got the "nobel peace prize" for his untiring efforts in negotiating and mediating "peaceful" resolutions to world conflicts,shouldnt our :commander and chief" get together with Carter for any ideas about a peaceful resolution to the conflict with Saddam?
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  3. by   l.rae
    l voted for JC.......and l feel that while his intentions are very noble, he was a weak answer would be a resounding NO!......Even though our weapons inspectors are now in Iraq, they are depending on the lraq govt. officials to be forthcoming and honest re; their weapons of mass distruction....yeah, honesty from a group notoriously considered liars and haters of the USA.....honestly, the hatred toward the USA by some of the muslem extremest groups and Saddam go beyond all realm of rationality, IMO, their goals are to either have the USA a muslim nation or destroy it....nothing in between.....those who fear the deterioration of women's rights and the eventual dawning of burkas(sp) should be first in line to wipe Saddam of the face of the earth.
  4. by   ohbet
    OK,thanks for your reply I.rae.Now I dont know what the answer is but Im hoping against hope that war is not the answer to the Iraq conflict,is that really the only conclusion that can be drawn?What about just bombing all the structures that might contain weapons of mass destruction,like his palaces? Can I please here some realistic alternatives?
    Oh about J.C.,and I dont mean Jesus Christ,I heard on the Rush Limbaugh show that Jimmy Carter said on L.King Live show that the answer to the Iraq question was that we should disarm first.Of course this came from Rush so it needs some investigating for its truth and context,but if true,I dont think thats a good idea either.