Workplace goodies: Lo-Fat Snacks, Anyone?

  1. We're having a potluck. The typical potlucks anywhere I've worked have always been full of fat-filled yummies. Anyone have any recipe ideas for something that's low-fat and easy to make for this?
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  3. by   Hidi74
    I always make cold veggie pizza.... take pzza crust that comes in the biscuit down onto a cookie sheet and cook till done. Take cream cheese( u can use low-fat) mix w/ a little dry ranch mix, to taste. Spead on the COOLED crust. Then chop a bunch of fresh veggies ( broccoli, squash. carrots, zuccini, green can really put anything) Chop these up small and just put on down a little and cut it up into pieces. I always make mine squares cause its easier to serve!