Working out at home- what do you do?

  1. I have a gym membership but I just find it so hard to get there lately. I bought a treadmill and have been using that at home but I still go to the gym 2x a week to lift weights. I've been wondering about the Bowflex and Total Gym. Does anyone have either of these and do they work? I would love to get something like that for my house if they really are effective. Thanks!
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  3. by   dingofred
    Don't own either of those but I'm sure they are
    effective if you USE them for their intended
    purpose and not a clothes hanger!
  4. by   ayemmeff
    I walk from the fridge to the computer and back again!!
  5. by   GraceyB
    I have Bowflex, it works if you use it. My boyfriend uses it twice a week and runs on the treadmill on alternate days. He is getting back in shape with visible results. Bowflex works every part of the body. Go for it! Me on the other hand am still getting motivated to use it.
  6. by   NurseWeasel
    We have a Bowflex and really like it. Problem is, remembering to actually USE it. Yeah, I know. *kicks self*

    Why do we like it? It's really effective, and safe. No chance of dropping weights on yourself, don't need a spotter, the motions are really smooth and seem less likely to induce injury than free weights. Yes, you can really get great results in 6 weeks. And it doesn't take long either. I think I need to move it upstairs.... =)
  7. by   JohnnyGage
    I have a Total Gym at home (I had to have one. That Christie Brinkley... what a sales woman ). Yes, I do use it. I like it because it's easy to change around and I like using my own body weight for resistance.

    The only other piece of workout equipent I use in house is a pull-up/dip bar. I find that the Total Gym isn't hard enough in those areas any more. Push-ups and abs are always in the routine as well as a lot of stretching. My wife uses the Total Gym as an apparatus for her Pilates training.

    I also like to bike and rock climb, but I can't do those in the house. (I've tried, but I get yelled at.)
    Originally posted by ayemmeff
    I walk from the fridge to the computer and back again!!

    You stole my routine!
  9. by   hapeewendy
    what is this phenomenon you speak of ?
    working home no less........
    thats wacky business right there
  10. by   SingingNurse2
    Divng for the remote control and the best couch space is a daily shared exercise in my house. We balance this with the "It's my turn on the computer" workout as well. :spin:
  11. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by JohnnyGage

    I also like to bike and rock climb, but I can't do those in the house. (I've tried, but I get yelled at.)
    I like biking and roller skating. I've threatened to bring my skates to work one of these nights. :chuckle

    And...I love to dance. So Jazzercise works well for me.

    Right now, though, I'm just trying to get started with basic moves--up from the chair, quick-walking down the hall, etc,etc....:imbar: I'm so outta shape, it's embarrassing.
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  12. by   Momto3RN
    I have to workout first thing in the morning (before kids wake up) or I don't get to at all!

    I do step workouts, usually 30-45 min, then switch to aerobics with weights i.e. The Firm tapes. I don't have the most recently promoted tapes. I use the ones from the 80's-90's and love them. I've seen great results!

    I've been debating about getting a Total Gym. I really want it but I want to be sure I can commit to USING it.
  13. by   Chiaramonte
    kicking the covers off from my too short sleep during the day...great for the thighs and buttocks!
  14. by   Jedav
    I have the TOTAL GYM...Very effective,if used ... It's really easy to use also...

    I just started working out (regularly) again...I could see results (in my arms and abs specifically) after just a week...

    If you are thinking of purchasing, I suggest going onto I'm pretty sure that they offer it for less$$$ compared to their own infomerical.

    Good Luck!!!