1. Words That Damage

    W is for who we hurt when we speak condemningly

    O is for the ones who perceive-"You do not like or love me."

    R is for the reason bad feelings still exist

    D is for the self-doubt that rises and exists.

    S is for the wevering of relationships that we wonce held so dear

    Words That Build

    W is for the wholeness one feels when we speak words like, "I'm sorry, I like you, I need you, I love you" to those recipients who hear.

    O is for the oneness that whe words above can give

    R is for the relationships that build that last and live.

    D is for the dreams that can be fulfilled

    S is for the love and the success we feel through the words of love can build.

    The words in category one are what come from the emotional human tongue

    When we feel we have been attacked by them; many good relationships have been undone.

    For they attack the very needs that we all hold so dear

    The needs of love, safety, and approval, are replaced by hatred, non-support, rejection, and fear.

    The words in category two are all we desire and need

    They are the words of wisdom, spoken from the Spirit of love and good deed.

    This is why it is so important to think before we speak

    If we can say nothing good at all, then we should be silent; for the building words of acceptance and love are all we really seek.

    So please try to live by the words in category two, those words you'll not regret

    Hug, give and forgive; you'll be surprised at what you get.

    author: Happygal
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    [font=franklin gothic medium]very clever and nice. :angel2: thank you!