Woot..Heather...I taught myself how to resize!

  1. Check out my avatar and all......amazing what you can do when you sit down and try!
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  3. by   nursenoelle
    Woot ! Good to see you ! I finally figured it out too yesterday.
  4. by   MishlB
    Originally posted by MishlB
    It depends on what kind of photo editing software you have MishlB. They're all different, but pretty simple when you open them up and play with them.

    Good job Robin!

    nursenoelle.... who is that brave man in your avatar?

    Edited to say: just read your sig line nursenoelle!
  6. by   nursenoelle
    subtlety has never been my strongsuit
  7. by   nakitamoon
    robin ,,,,, love the avitar,,, it is a wonderful feeling isn't it,,, when you have finally,,, (esp,, in my case,,, ) after many many attempts,,,, it all comes together,,,, great job,,,

    also,,,, wanted to add a very big thank you,,, to heather,, for all the instructions she has provided,,, the help you give ~girl,,,, you rock!,,,

    take care everyone,,,,, nik~