Woot!! Got my remote starter today!!!

  1. woot!! got my remote starter installed in my blazer today!! love the thing already!! my hubby even dropped off my blazer at work this afternoon after it was finished so i could try it out. oh, so nice walking out and hopping into that nice warm vehicle!!! yeah!! the starter was a christmas present from my dear hubby!! i love that man!! :kiss
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  3. by   Lausana
    Alright! :hatparty: Just in time too with the subzero temps coming
  4. by   deespoohbear
    Thankfully I am off work tomorrow and have no intentions of going outside unless it is a life or death situation. Otherwise, I plan to stay in my nice heated house, in my nice, warm, comfy, clothes....I do not do cold weather very well......
  5. by   emily_mom
    I wish I had one....it's -60 with the windchill this morning. I don't even know if my car will start. I would LOVE to stay home this morning, but work beckons me.....

    How much do those starters run? How much for professional installation or is it easy to do yourself???? I think I may just buy myself one....

  6. by   emily_mom
    Damn, car started....it didn't want to though. I thought I was gonna flood it (ok, I wished ), but it eventually started. My hair is frozen.....

    Dam it dam it dam it.....

  7. by   NS_RN
    We're having a cold snap here in NovaScotia too..hope it ends soon. The kids are getting shack-wacky!LOL
    Think I'd like a remote starter too...beats freezing yer buns off while waiting to warm up.
  8. by   ayemmeff

    -60,Kristy???oh,thats just grim!!!
  9. by   deespoohbear
    could be problems brewing at my place. my son has an orthodontist appt later today and my hubby is going to take him....he is trying out my new starter....i think he likes it.... i may have to fight to what is mine.....
  10. by   deespoohbear
    my hubby to my vehicle to a meeting this evening, and boy did he like it. guess i will have to fight for what is mine!! he came in with this smile on his face and said "boy, that is nice!!" yes it is, and it is mine, do you hear?" this ought to be good.......:roll :roll
  11. by   cindyln
    I got a remote starter for my mountaineer for christmas and really loved it this morning when it was -8 and I had to go to work. Boy that car was toasty warm.
  12. by   Mkue
    What a NICE gift, specially this time of year !
  13. by   passing thru
    Yeah, How much do they cost?? Sounds wonderful !
  14. by   cindyln
    mine was in the 2 hundred dollar range with professional installation. I have seen them at walmart for around 50 but they won't work with the newer vehicles that have those darn anti theft keys