Woo Hoo! Duct Tape Man!

  1. Kingwood, a suburb of Houston has it's version of Bigfoot....Urban legend or truth????

    Gosh I love living in Texas!

    Sightings of a man or men bound with duct tape have been flooding in, reported by residents who frequent the greenbelts of Kingwood. Photo by Jennifer Leahy

    At last week's Public Safety Meeting, Houston Police Officer Dwayne Ulrich said he has been deluged with e-mails from people spotting duct-taped men on the greenbelt.

    The reports follow an e-mail circulated through the community as well as an April 14 article in the Observer.
    Two women, one from San Creek and one from Kings Point, reported seeing a man with duct tape over his mouth while on the greenbelt on the afternoons of April 4 and 5. One of the women said the man she saw was wearing a sign saying he was on a scavenger hunt.
    A man contacted the Observer last week, saying that he had seen a man sitting on a bench near a newly-constructed park near Seven Maples in Kings Point the week before.
    "He had duct tape on one of his legs and it was wadded up on the other leg, as if he was taking it off. He looked completely normal and average, like anyone you would expect to meet on the greenbelt. We greeted each other, and I didn't think much about it because I have a friend who tapes his feet to prevent blisters when he plays tennis," the man said.
    "But then I read the article. Where he was sitting was 25 yards away from the park where children play, and there are houses within 25 yards," he stated.
    "It's important to understand that no crime has been committed, but we have increased bike and vehicle patrols. Precinct 4 has also been advised and we are all watching out for that. I am following up on several reports, but have been given a number of different descriptions of the man which could mean there is more than one person," Ulrich said.
    None of the reports indicate that the man or men has been aggressive toward anyone, he added.
    Pct. 4 Constable's Office Assistant Chief L.E. Shiflet later said that deputies with his department had encountered such a man in King's River last year, and that the man said it was part of an initiation into a group.