Won't you be my neighbor?

  1. Neighbor horror stories! Share 'em!

    For instance, right now the person above me to the left is a piano teacher. The person above me to the right seems to have some sort of compulsive disorder that leads him/her to vacuum EVERY NIGHT at 2am.
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  3. by   stidget99
    OMG!!! I had a neighbor, lived below me for 17yrs. Was not allowed to have birds or even a rabbit.....the noise got to him. This guy was a dead look-a-like for Charles Manson...salt/pepper hair and full scraggly beard. Always wore jeans, long sleeved tee, and a denim shirt over...whether the temp was 90 above or 30 below. Had multiple flat tires w/ no damage....air just let out.

    Once, I was standing in one place, rocking a sleeping baby. He called up to my place screaming at me. I heard him call me every name in the book even w/out the phone.

    Our apt building was very old. Water pipes kept going out (through no fault of mine)...water would leak down to his place. Terribly inconvenient yes. But none of his stuff got ruined. Well he threatened bodily harm for several days after each event.

    He verbally assaulted my sister when she came to take above-mentioned bird out of my house. She got irate. Called the police after I got home from work. He finally got his due...............he rec'd a $150 ticket!! That was pretty much the end of problems w/ him.

    Landlord wouldn't do anything to him or about him. As long as he pays the rent on time every month he didn't care. Cops couldn't do anything until he broke the law. He finally crossed the line w/ the incident w/ my sister.
    Thankfully I am more than 1200 miles from this idiot now!
  4. by   babynurselsa
    How did you manage to stay there for 17 years?????
    I would have high tailed it outta there long before that.....he scares me just in the telling.
  5. by   stidget99
    I was a single mom and in nursing school. Couldn't afford to move. Also, it was very important to me that my kids graduated from the same school system that they started in. I personally started over at 11 different schools for 12 yrs of schools. Didn't want my kids to get the same kind of crappy education that I did.
  6. by   Jessy_RN
    Worst neighbor I had, well it was a lot of them! She lived with her boyfriend and 5 children. The problem wasn't that..........it was that along with her family she moved in another family to their living room for about 12 months. The couple had another 4 children. Grand total = 4 adults, 9 children (all but one were in the ages to go to school).

    But did I mention upstairs from me, in a 1 bedroom apartment :stone . The children were raised in a "wild manner" had no respect for anyone or anything, and she would "let them run wild" early in the morning til late at night. Meanwhile they entertained themselves lets see: Scratching the parked vehicles, broke my bedroom window with a frozen snow ball in the winter, filled the washer and drier (that we shared in the basement) with dried leaves during the fall, found it amusing to ring my doorbell at 2 am, or simply lift the lid of the washer when I was washing or open the drier door when I was drying. The husband was always drunk and would constantly beat his wife and throw her down my stairs. Once, I was in the kitchen cooking when I heard a loud bang inside my apartment. Well, he had thrown her down the stairs and the impact was so bad that my unlocked apartment door opened as she banged her head on it :uhoh21: . They threw weekly parties starting Friday evening and ending Monday morning. The other man in the house played the accordion (at 1 am ) :angryfire , and did I mention that all the babies were left to scream during the day! (Do I need to go on?)

    Needless to say, I had my share of "words" with the parents and they just said I was a "sour, childless woman" LOL! When I brought this up to the Landlord and how I was leaving, things changed instantly. They got evicted. They trashed the apartment so badly, it took months for the repairs to be finished :uhoh21:

    Now that they are gone it is peace and quiet. I can still kiss the dirtly asphault outside for that!
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  7. by   Gompers
    Well, the condo we moved into is actually more like a retirement village. There's a 60-something woman next door who spends 6 months a year (cold months) down in Arizona...below us is a 90-year old widow...next to her is a 70-something married couple. My fiancee and I are in our late 20's.

    So they are very quiet neighbors, no problem at all.

    It's the ghost that lives with us who is the problem.
  8. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from Gompers
    It's the ghost that lives with us who is the problem.
    Just tell the ghost you mean no harm, and ask him/her to be nice to you.

    Anyway, I lived in an apartment once & had the world's worst neighbors that lived back to back from us.

    4 upstairs apartments all shared the same upper hallway, but there were 2 stairwells, so I never had to bump into the lady.

    The police were there every weekend, at least! You could always hear her yelling inside the apartment, and outside the apartment at her children, at her husband, etc.

    Every weekend they'd get drunk and get in domestic fights, and the police would be called.

    The bad thing about the whole situation is that I went to high school with this girl. She was actually pretty cool in high school...I guess that goes to show what no education, no job, and too much alcohol (and probably drugs) will do to someone.

    Sad situation over all. When we lived by her, she looked disgusting. It was very sad, but I never said a word to her. I couldn't have her in my house for a fear of her bringing illegal drugs in my house, or her husband coming over and starting a fight with her in front of my children. We got the heck out of there as fast as we could.

    I just prayed that God would help that household. The last time I saw her, she did look better, so hopefully things turned around for her.
  9. by   stidget99
    For me personally, I would most definitely not have a problem w/ calling DSS/CPS to protect children. 9 living in one apt from two separate families??? That is abuse. Plain and simple. And I am sure that the authorities would feel the same way.
  10. by   Blackcat99
    Many many years ago I lived at an apartment in Seattle where I learned after the fact that it was a "drug addicts apartment complex". Anyway, around 2am one morning I was sound asleep and I heard someone screaming loudly that they had to have their drugs right now. I swear it sounded like the person screaming was right there in my room next to me but it was the people upstairs right above me. I moved out a few weeks later.
  11. by   mercyteapot
    The year my son was born, we were still renting an apartment. Two sisters, college students, lived upstairs. We should have known there would be trouble the night we moved in, and they came down to ask us not to slam our front door because they were studying and it disturbed them. We don't slam our door; we do, however, close it. If that bothered them, you can imagine what they thought of a baby crying. They started going to their closet door and sliding it back and forth repeatedly. I guess that showed us! Really strange. They would even do it when their mother was visiting. Another neighbor told us they had some nerve, since in the summer, these girls would throw huge parties and cook smelly food. Several times in the previous summer, the cops had to come break up parties that went far into the night. Luckily, these two moved out in May. As a parting gift, they put something in the wheel well of my minivan and it clunked going down the freeway. We had to take it to a shop to get it taken out. Jerks. On the plus side, they really did motivate us to start looking for a house to buy and get out of renter's hayell, which we did later that year.
  12. by   UM Review RN
    I haven't had too many awful neighbors in my time. Most have been wonderful people who mind their own business and I mind mine.

    Back when I was a young mother, however, the guy upstairs would get drunk every night and at some point during the evening, would come to our door, knock on it and ask my husband if he & I wanted to "swing" with them.

    My dh offered to "swing" him from a really high tree limb a couple of times because as soon as he'd get sober, he'd forget the whole thing happened and wonder why my husband and I were all put out at him.

    We got outta there as fast as we could.
  13. by   mercyteapot
    Eek, in reading some of these stories, I realize how minor my neighbor troubles have been! We once lived next to a guy who I'm pretty sure was a wife beater. We'd hear these thuds sometimes. He always was friendly to us, though. Also, in the same unit (absentee owners; all these people were renters) were a brother and sister, who were usually very nice, but would have these parties that went on far into the night. They got evicted after the cops showed up one too many times. In the same neighborhood, there was a couple who really caused problems for the people who lived closer, though. Cops were there a lot- drug violations, apparently. Mostly, we've had really nice neighbors. I have so many good memories of the years we spent in our last neighborhood- it was an idyllic place for a kid to grow up.
  14. by   Spidey's mom
    Well, one springs to mind from my college days back in 1979. A married couple, maybe in their 50's. He would come home and start drinking and then start yelling about Nixon or black people or what his wife cooked for dinner. Then he would start beating her. It was awful. This was in the days when, unless the wife actually pressed charges, nothing was done.

    Now I live across the street from a convicted child molester. Yesterday at the post office, he held the door open for me and said "Good Morning".

    There is another guy who is a pothead from the 60's who regularly stops by to have a conversation with my dog Jack. Looks like a wild man.