Women make wage gains in California

  1. Women make wage gains in California

    Pay for women rose a median 5.3% from 2000 to 2006, versus a 1.7% drop for men, a report says.

    ..."Women are more willing to speak up for what they think they're entitled to instead of just what's offered to them," said Tory Johnson, founder of Women for Hire, a New York-based recruitment firm. Deborah Burger, a nurse at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa, Calif., has seen her salary increase substantially as nurses there and elsewhere have unionized and as demand for nurses has grown. Burger earns $56 an hour, up from $10 a hour 20 years ago.

    "When I first started, the gardeners outside the hospital I worked at made more money," she said. "I was saving lives and they were out pruning bushes."...