Woman Accused of Stealing Funeral Money

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    woman accused of stealing funeral money[font=verdana,sans-serif][font=verdana,sans-serif]email this storyapr 26, 6:43 pm (et)

    rogersville, tenn. (ap) - a 40-year-old woman is charged with stealing the money her 101-year-old great-aunt had saved to cover her funeral expenses.

    lois renee kincaid-berthea is charged with stealing $3,050 from mae kyle.

    kyle set up a joint account with a 70-year-old female friend and directed her to use the money to bury her.

    but when the friend became ill, kyle added her grandniece, kincaid-berthea, to the account because she feared the friend would die before she did.

    investigators said the money hasn't been recovered and was probably spent.

    rogersville police department detective phil robinette said kincaid-berthea has an extensive criminal record in georgia and texas, including convictions for theft, identity fraud and possession of stolen property.

    the theft was discovered when kyle's friend received notice from the bank saying the account had been closed. kyle's friend then contacted police. kincaid-berthea is currently free on bail.

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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    There's a spot set aside in a very hot place for people like her.
  4. by   nursebedlam
    gosh, nasty family hey
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Just plain sick.