Woman Accused of Posing as McEntire's Aide

  1. okay, what in the world was this woman thinking? did she really think she wouldn't get caught? and why in the world, if she was going to scam someone, would she pick someone that worked for the sheriff's office? dumb! dumb! dumb!


    woman accused of posing as mcentire aide[font=verdana,sans-serif][font=verdana,sans-serif]email this storyapr 12, 7:26 pm (et)

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    lancaster, calif. (ap) - a woman who allegedly posed as reba mcentire's tour manager and persuaded a 77-year-old man to pay her $2,000 for a security job with the country singer has been arrested, officials said monday.

    michelle greene, 38, was arrested saturday for investigation of fiduciary abuse of an elderly person after allegedly telling the man he should leave his job to go work for mcentire, according to officials with the los angeles county sheriff's department.

    the man quit his job as a community aide for the sheriff's department after telling staffers his plans, said detective brad feehan.

    investigators said the man called authorities after greene failed to pick him up in the tour bus.

    feehan said a mcentire tour official told him monday that greene "does not work with reba in any fashion."

    the detective said authorities fielded calls monday from nearly a dozen other people who said they were potential victims of the scam.

    greene, who is also under investigation for false report of an emergency and driving under the influence, was jailed monday on $50,000 bail. the alleged victim was allowed to resume his job with the county, feehan said.

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  3. by   manna
    Always makes you feel sorry for the guy. How embarrassing.