Wishing you all a nice vacation

  1. So folks, in 5 hours my plane leaves for Rhodes!!
    Just wanted to wish all of you a nice summer and for those who go on a vacation, enjoy every minute of it.
    Planning to lay on the beach, packed 10 books, read, swim, drink and sleep.

    See you all in three (3!!) weeks, take care and enjoy, Renee:roll :chuckle :kiss
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    OH man! Have a great time, Renee! Americans almost NEVER get three weeks of holiday.... Pooor us!!

    The receptionist where I work had a baby and is coming back to work July 7!!! Six weeks after she had the baby. I'm shocked. So sad, if you ask me.

    Ah well. That's where it all falls down. Nobody asked me.


  4. by   CATHYW
    Rene, I hope you enjoy a great 3 weeks, and come back totally refreshed, with awesome memories that you can go back to, whenever things get rough. Be safe!