Wireless internet service?

  1. Anyone have it? I know DSL and cable modem are fast. Is Wireless internet faster? I am completely stupid when it comes to anything with the computer, but have an opportunity to get broadband service, and was wondering if anyone else has it. Do you pay for, or rent the equipment? Tell me your opinions please. Thanks!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    It all depends on the speed of the service that you are being offered. DSL normally uses a telephone line. The cable modem uses a box that is connected through your cable server. The modem can actually slow down when many people in oyur neighborhood are using it at the same time. The wireless all depends on the provider, etc. But a little bit of warning, it is quite easy to hack into a wireless server. Think about the garage door openers, works on the same idea. Remember when you heard of people driving around and using their garage door opener to open other people's garages? Now the new ones have codes that are changing all of the time.
    The hackers are getting more sophisticated all of the time, so just be cautious. And this info comes from several of the international news programs in their tech sectors, so it is not just my opinion.
    With cable and DSL service, you usually have a choice as to lease or purchase. Most of the wireless internet prvoders are reuqiring their customers to purchase the equipment only.

    Hope that this helps.
  4. by   plumrn
    Thanks Suzanne! That's what I thought might be the case. I have a firewall that came with Windows XP, and Norton Antivirus software. Hope that's enough. Don't really like the idea of buying the equipment, but our internet speed with the dial up service here, is extremely slow. Broadband service has just recently become available to our area, and we are excited, but unfortunately, ignorant of such things. :imbar Thanks again!
  5. by   suzanne4
    Your firewall that comes with Windows XP and Norton Antivirus is nothing for a hacker. Sure the anti-virus will protect you from a virus, but be careful with sending credit card numbers or things like that with the wireless system.
    Someone can easily hack into your system and see exactly what you are writing. If you want more than my advice, pick up a computer magazine such as PC Magazine and just take a look through it. I have Windows XP on all of my computers and they are sending updates three to four times a week concerning problems that have occurred with hackers, etc. So don't consider that foolproof just because it is on your computer.

    Let me know what you decide to do.
  6. by   plumrn
    Sometimes you just don't know, what you don't know. I can see we need to do a little research. Thanks for the tip!
  7. by   laughingfairy
    My aunt had broad band wireless, they were one of the first in their neighborhood to get it, but within 6 months almost the entire neighborhood had it and they all had crazy transmission problems. After paying a tech for crazy number of trips she just switched back to DSL.

    We have a wireless network in our home. One cable modem 2 PCs and a laptop. We also have to be careful about transmission. Security is a big problem.