Will you dare tell your most embarrassing moment?

  1. While I was in nursing school, I got the worst case of chapped lips in my life. No matter what I put on my lips, they remained red, sore, and swollen. I finally figured out that I was allergic to anything with scent added to it, i.e. Blistex, Chapstix, etc. One day when I got home, it was so-o-o-o-o-o bad that I rummaged through all my make-up, found an old tube of Clinique bright, blood-red lipstick and just rubbed it all over and around my lips (and I mean AROUND my lips). I then got busy cleaning, dusting, cooking (I'm lying -- I actually sat and played a video game, but in the version I tell my husband I was cleaning, dusting, etc) Anyway, about an hour later, the doorbell rings. I answer the door, and it's my Terminix man who has been keeping my house free of fleas for several years. But that day, he sure was acting weird. He didn't want to talk and sure seemed in a hurry to get out of my house. After he left, another hour went by (you know how time flies when you are cleaning -- OR playing a video game) and I had to "void". I turned on the light, caught my reflection in the mirror. I LOOKED INSANE! I looked like Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"!!! I had totally forgotten about the lipstick! I started laughing so hard, I actually peed my pants! The next month when my bug man came back, I explained to him about my lipstick. He told me he thought I had finally had a nervous breakdown from nursing school! Ha!

    One time a father and son were leaving the hospital for the night and wanted to leave a number for me to call in case something happened to the wife/mom. The husband's name was Dick, and when I asked the son his name, he replied, "I'm a Dick, too." You would have been very proud, I did not even crack a smile. But then I just had to ask, "Well, if I have to call, do I ask for Big Dick or Little Dick?" Of course, as soon as it was out of my mouth, I was mortified and my face just flamed! The husband didn't even flinch, just said, "It doesn't matter, either one." You could hear a pin drop in the nurses station until we heard the elevator doors open and shut, but then the howling of laughter started! I still get teased about that one.
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  3. by   Jay-Jay
    Been there, done that. Let's see if I can get it to cut and paste:

    While doing my final stint as a nursing student, I was helping another nurse change the bed of a very heavy patient who had suffered a stroke. For some reason, we neglected to reposition her to the middle of the bed before putting the top sheet over her. I dropped the siderail briefly to make a nice, neat nurse's corner. The patient chose that moment to move, and the next thing I knew, she was on the floor. All 300 lbs. of her.

    Horrified, I rushed to comfort her and check her vitals, while the other nurse ran to get the Hoyer, and summon some other nurses to help get her into the sling. Pretty soon, it seemed that every nurse on the ward was in the room - it's like a traffic accident, everyone has to come and have a look.

    The patient seemed okay, so we got her into the sling, and began to lift. As soon as we got her airborn, she began to let loose with the longest, loudest farts I have ever heard. They were quite pungent, too, and did a good job of clearing those who had just come to gawk out of the room.

    We got her settled in bed, and I fussed over her a bit, asking if there was anything I could do for her. She replied that her shoulder, which had been sore earlier, had been made worse by the fall, and would I please refill her icebag.

    "Certainly," I replied, and picked up the ice bag by what I thought was the top. It wasn't. It was the bottom, and as I lifted it, the clip at the top snagged on the sheets and sprang open, dousing the patient and the freshly made bed with ice water and bits of ice. Horrified, I managed to snatch the sheet off the bed before the water soaked through to the rest of the bedding. Apoligizing profusely, I moppped up the patient, remade the bed, and slunk off to the nursing station to file the incident report.

    The next time I came on the unit, I was very relieved to find that she was doing okay, was NOT planning to sue me or the hospital, AND she'd been shipped out to a nursing home, so I did not have to see her again!
  4. by   Jenny P
    Okay, I don't remember if this was my MOST embarrassing moment; but it still makes me wonder.... When I was a nursing student, we had several classes with pre-med students, including anatomy. Now you have to realize that being raised by my Aunt, I had had a very protected life thus far and hadn't been allowed to date in high school. So here I am, a freshman, at the University, and extremely innocent when this pre- med student came and asked me if I'd study anatomy with him- by Braille. I said no, I was sorry, but I didn't know Braille. I hadn't realized he was making a pass at me until I told my roomie about his strange request; saying something like I didn't know he was blind! My roomie gave me grief for that for years!!!
    I won't go into detail about making it through 2 semesters of sex ed before I found out what intercourse was!! I'm not sure where my brain (or curiosity!) was when I was younger or working at the nursing home through high school, but I just never thought of those things I guess.
  5. by   hiker
    The "lipstick Baby Jane" story made me laugh out loud! What a great story! Thanks, I really needed that!
  6. by   NurseNelly
    st4, your post was hilarious! I can just imagine your wild red lips making your bug man a little apprehensive. Thanks for the best laugh of the day.
  7. by   janine3&5
    Has to be the time during my psych rotation when I was practicing that therapeutic communication on a very delusional pt. All of my classmates and I were in the rec room with our pts in small groups. I thought I was making some progress with my pt until he jumped up out of his chair and screamed, "NO, I WON'T HAVE SEX WITH YOU!"
    You could have heard a pin drop as everyone in the room turned around to stare at us.

    That lipstick story is so funny! Thanks for the laugh.
  8. by   babynurselsa
    Well let's see there have been at least two. One night at the first Nicu that I worked in we were called code to a delivery, as we came running out the door of the unit the was a group of approx 15-20 people loitering in the hall directly outside the door. They scattered for my 6'5" RT and they even scattered for my 5'11" Dr., but for 5'2" me who I guess no one saw untill I was doing a screaming, cursing slide down the tile hall on my knee's with my code box sliding along beside me and the doc in the middle still in a run trying to scoop me and the box off the floor so we could get to our emergency delivery. Heads were popping out of rooms and the L&D nurses station. Fortunately I was not seriously hurt, we made it to the delivery and the baby was fine. Even more fortunate was that none of the spectators had the video running right at that moment, you can be assured all of my concerned friends in L&D checked.
  9. by   ClariceS
    I used to wear snap front scrub tops until the one day when I was taking care of a moderately confused patient. He would react in terror every time we went in to turn him. He would flail his arms in an attemt to stop his "fall". On this occasion, his hand grabbed my shirt. You guessed it, snaps popped right open - 4 other nurses in the room, patient door open, right by the nurses station! Actually was almost more funny than embarrasing.
  10. by   ccnurse
    I loved reading about the embarassing moments. They are hilarious. I think most of us have probably had a few, but at least it keeps the laughter up in a stressful job.
    Here is one of mine:
    I work in an 8 bed CCU. We were very busy and had a lot of "preps" to do for many heart caths the next day. We have great team work in our unit so my partner and I went down the line prepping patients together to get it done quicker. We were going from room to room and got to the room of one of my patients who was a really nice lady in her 50's. We explained that we needed to shave her groin to prepare her for the procedure that she was having done tommorow. She gave us sort of a strange look and started asking questions about the procedure. While we were prepping her and marking pulses we together answered all her questions and explained the procedure. At least we got our teaching done at the same time! Well, after the rush, you know about midnight when you finally get to pee, sit down, and open your charts, I opened her chart and to my horror realized that she was not scheduled for a cath!!!
    My partner almost pissed her pants while she was telling me that I had to go and tell the lady. Well, the patient was awake, so I went and talked to her about it. She was great and actually laughed about it. I told her at least she had her bikini cut for the summer!
    The patient thought it was halarious and told everyone that came in the room about what I had done, even the doctor..but of course the nurses all found out as soon as the next shift got there, told by my PARTNER of course. I still get teased about it, and always will. But it taught me to pay a little more attention during "rush hour". Plus, the lady did have a cath while she was there, I just did the prep a little early!
  11. by   maikranz
    okay, st, that is just TOO funny--I, for one, an very proud of you for not losing
    it with the Dicks.
    When I was in school, I was helping one of the more obnoxious 4th year med students cath a particularly robust woman who was in an unresponsive state for some reason I can't remember. Well...
    he kept poking and poking and would NOT listen to any suggestions, when all of a sudden, the lady raises up from the gurney and says "I don't know what you're doing down there, honey, but you're ringin' my chimes!!!" Needless to say, many suggestions were listened to afterwards.
    or the time I dropped the really full urinal just before post-conference, for which to be late was not an option. Or the time the hopper exploded...... there are so many to
    choose from.
  12. by   hoolahan
    OK, I can't resist these kinds of threads.

    Mine has nothing to do with nursing. My husband and I went camping in the Blue Ridge mountains. We stayed at a campground whose only "luxury" was flush toilets...but they were far from our tent....especially at 5:30 in the am after a night of drinking beer around the fire, if you catch my drift.

    Anyway, one morning after such a night, I decided I was way too tired, and had to go way to badly, to make the trek to the flushies, so, I took a walk along the creek, which ran beside our campsite. I looked around, didn't see anyone, but didn't expect to at that time of the am either. Went to the edge of the woods, pulled down my pants and wee-wee'd, wiped, and pulled my pants up. I turned around to go back, looked accross the creek, and sitting right there with a full view of my cute (at the time) 19 year-old behind, was a fisherman. He grinned really big and waved. I thought I would die on the spot!

    Once I was vacuuming in my black lacy bra and panties one hot summer day, forgetting I had the front door open. I had the tunes absolutely cranked up on the stereo (Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run album)so I could hear it and sing at the top of my lungs and dance while I vacuumed. Forgot all about the mailman, until I looked at the door, and saw the mail was in the door slot. The lipstick story reminded me of that one, since the mailman seemed to be afraid of me after that!
  13. by   st4304
    The camping story was hilarious! I have to share a story that a co-worker told me. She was once tent camping with friends who were married and had brought their dog with them. In the middle of the night, she had to poop, but being afraid of the dark, she decided to do it kind of close to camp. So she found a tree, did her thing, and went back to her tent and fell asleep. A little while later she could hear this comotion. The husband had let the dog into his tent and the wife was screaming to get the dog OUT because it had rolled in some kind of animal sh*t! My friend said she pretended to sleep through it and never did tell her friends that it was her poop that the dog rolled in! It was too funny!
  14. by   Maureen007
    Had my laughs for the day, thanks folks, I really could relate to a few. Heh-I did the same with the shoes, all dressed up at a retirement dinner. I had brought the change of clothes to work with me as the dinner was a ways away from where I lived and wouldn't have time to go home to change so I grabbed a pair of beige pumps, When I got all dressed up to party-lo and behold two different shoeS, a little different in the size heel, but for the same foot!So I drove with my other shoes on, walked in with the heels, kicked them off at the table, had two Martinis and said the heck with it. Got up to make the thank you speech and then told everyone, so got a GOOD LAUGH FOR EVERYONE ABOUT MY PREDICAMENT! sOME PEOPLE TOLD ME IT MADE THEIR EVENING.