Wii need some help

  1. Does anyone know where I would find the Wii game. I know my daughter would like this for Christmas; and, I understand that it is one of those hard to find toys. It is just that my daughter has had it pretty bad lately and she will be coming for Christmas.

    Just a taste of what she has been going through: 2 weeks ago she broke up with a long time boyfriend, last week her rent was increased making her unable to continue college next semester because she has to pick up OT to afford the apartment (NYC) & yesterday evening her cat (who I consider the closest thing I will have to a grandchild) was rushed to an emergency center with an intestinal obstruction from sneaking tinsel off the Christmas tree (while she was spending all those hours at work). Besides that, she is crying to me on the phone while I am 1/2 way across the country and cannot be there to help her through all this. I want so much to cheer her up and I know that game will do it. She would be utterly surprised because she knows that I have no clue about the electronic games & I just don't have the time with my work schedule to research it and go hunting for it. Anything advise on what exactly I am looking for, what I need to get and how to find it would be greatly appreciated.