wierdest thing ever pulled out of your child

  1. My son is almost 7. He came into the living room the other night sniffling with a seashell stuck up his nose....He says he does not know what he was thinking or how it got there. Had to tell him to stop sniffling or he would suck it up further, fortunately he was able to blow it out after a few tries, I couldn't see it very well, and I was not looking forward to the trip to the ER if we couldn't get it out.

    It brought back all kinds of memories, my little sister had a thing for sticking things up her nose at this age too (crayons, beads, peas, pencil erasers, small wadded up pieces of kleenex) my parents were always haveing to hold her down and break out the flashlight and tweezers...I hope my son will think twice about sticking things up his nose again, I know my sister didn't.
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  3. by   lpnandloveit1
    Well........... when my oldest was small he picked a hole in a large "floor pillow" and plucked out a small square piece of sponge and stuck it up his nose and then pushed it up as far as it would go with the earaser end of a pencil. because his nose was so narrow and he pushed it up so far we did have to go to the ER. When the doc pull it out he asked why he jammed the sponge up his nose he said his nose was running and he was trying to keep it from dripping. gotta love em.
  4. by   canoehead
    My sister but a peanut up her nose when she was six. No one knew she had done it, but she was taken to the doctor because she smelled like a garbage dump in spite of bathing bid. It had been in there an estimated week or so, and was starting to rot.
  5. by   BeachNurse
    I had to extract Nerds (those tiny colorful candies) from my son's ear. My younger son stuffed them in there while his brother was sleeping. We made a trip to the ER because there were some I couldnt reach without pushing them deeper!!!
  6. by   lpnandloveit1
    I had a friend as a child who had the most pungent breathe you can imagine (crack addict times 10). She had gone to Dr.s and Dentists but no one could find the problem. One day at dinner she sneezed and a button that had an abcess formed around it flew out. after that she was a lot more fun to play with.
  7. by   crnasomeday
    EWWW...that button thing was gross. I stuck a "good n plenty" (you know, those little licorice candy things) up my nose when I was a kid, and my brother stuck a light bright peg up his nose. My kids fortunately haven't stuck anything in any ears or noses.....yet.
  8. by   ornurse2001
    My son stuck a rock in his ear...had to have surgery to get it out, was laying on his eardrum.Oh-and my sister did the up the nose trick with a navy bean.
  9. by   cjp
    My kids never stuck anything in any orifice but I worked in a pediatric office for 13 years and we pulled lots of things out of lots of kids. The most memorable was the kid that kept coming back for a "sinus infection" was treated for over a month and would not clear. Finally one day (the nurse practioner in the office) removed a crayon from the kids nose. Amazing how quickly he got better.
  10. by   Rileycat
    My little brother swallowed a three inch screw. Apparently he was laying down and talking on the phone (and had the screw in his lips like a cigarette) and it fell down his throat. My mom had to dig through his poo for two days waiting for that sucker to pass. My brother was all embarassed (he was 12), but he ended up with a cool looking x-ray!