Wide awake after working 12's....

  1. Okay. I have worked two 12 hour shifts this weekend, 7a-7p. Here it is almost 1:30 am (EST) and I am still awake....Had a great weekend at work. Just the right pace, not too slow but not too fast. Had a great group of patients (including the 98 year old with more spunk than me) and no problems with families....So why am I still awake at this hour? I don't even feel like I am ready to go to bed. Of course, I will probably sleep till noon and not get diddly done here at home....

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  3. by   Ted
    Happens to me all of the time. . . Of course, I work nights, so I tend to stay awake during the night. I'm on my 3rd of 4 days off. I'm here wide awake, typing on this stupid computer keyboard and also working on some music. . .

    Many times, though, that usually is the culprit (sp?). . . music. . . especially if I'm writing it! It's in my head like an echo heard in a long, deep canyon. My wife has the same problem. If she's working on a show, she lies awake just "hearing" the music in her mind.

    Oh well. . .

    What do I do to get some "sleepy eyes?" I just get up and work on the music most of the time. Amy, on the other hand, reads. She has literally dozens of books . . . all romance novels . . . that she reads and re-reads and re-reads . . . all the same few books. It helps "shut her busy mind" off so that she can sleep. Works too! (Except that she calls out all of these men's names during here sleep! ! !. . . )
    (Just kidding!)

    Hope you get some sleep so that you're awake to enjoy your day off!


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  4. by   deespoohbear
    My husband owns and operates a dairy farm. He gets up between 4:30 am and 4:45 am. Not sure how an early bird and a night owl got together...my husband is lucky if he stays awake till 8:30 some nights...
  5. by   hapeewendy
    I'm awake at totally ungodly hours
    I'm blaming it on the fact I'm doing permanent nights while going to school
    actually I kind of like it
    I find what messes me up more is the swtich over...
    we do 2 week rotations each of days and night shifts so that first monday after the switch is a killer......I think if I had my way (which I will never have) that I would like to stay on permanent nights ...... that could change if/when I grow up and get married/have a family etc but for now its pretty cool, I have the ability to sleep anytime anywhere so sleeping when I get home from work usually isnt a problem
    but I feel your pain, I hate being up when I should be tired and sleeping ....
    Every great once in awhile that happens to me, I get some kind of second wind. It is more likely to happen after a good day at work.

    But usually, after 2 12's, I come home and fall into bed.

  7. by   GPatty
    I can usually stay up till about 9-10a on a good day, after getting off at 7a.
    Sometimes I actually last till I get home!
  8. by   WalMart_ADN
    i'm awake right now (9a) after getting off of nights...it's my last night before i work start an evening rotation and i hate how switching screws with my mind...i'm never sure when i'm supposed to be awake or sleeping...