why should you always be hopeful???

  1. This is why I have hope. Sometimes things DO turn out for the best.

    any examples you can tell us from your life???
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    The Story: to make a long story short, hubs got hit by a jerk who decided to go left on red, and then flee the scene. Hubs wasn't hurt, happily, but the car was.
    Well, guess what?
    a cop witnessed the whole thing. A LOL and her DH got The Jerk's license plate. And The Jerk's insurance company gave us a check.
    voila! new used truck. I'm tickled pink.
  7. by   Tilleycs
    Hope is something that NO ONE can take from you. YOU alone decide whether you keep it or not. As you get older and see the patterns of life, you realize that just because you're at the end of a chapter, it doesn't mean that you're at the end of the book, so to speak.

    If you can make friends with the fact that life isn't fair and nobody ever said it would be, and still persevere (and spend all your time whining), it will go a long way. You can also be proactive and have a hand in creating your own hope.
  8. by   debyan
    Hope is the sparkle on the glitter
    Hope is the warmth in the sun
    Its a forcefield around you
    when the day is done

    Hope is everything
    when our lifes gone wrong
    Its what keeps us going
    when our days extra long

    Its the smile from a baby
    the feel of our lovers touch
    and without hope for tomorrow
    we haven't got much

    I just made that up, not to bad. kThat second verse could use some work. deb

    and without hope
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  9. by   cwazycwissyRN
    lets keep the poem going
    hope is what gives us that grin
    the spark in our eye
    that feeling within
    that keeps our step spry

    hope gives us the strength
    to take on that task
    to share with the world
    without wearing a mask

    this is kinda fun:kiss
  10. by   Sleepyeyes
    Hope fires your dreams,
    Fuels your ambition

    Hope gives you purpose,
    Meaning, and mission

    Hope gives you courage
    To get to your goal

    Hope, then, is truly
    the heart of your soul.
  11. by   CashewLPN
    Hope is the shove
    to do the right thing
    Hope is the love
    when the season is spring
    Hope is the fury
    Moving all of our souls,
    to seek what is right...
    to end the death tolls...
    Hope is the power,
    to keep the lights on...
    Hope is in me,
    from the land to the sea...
    and, I pray....
  12. by   bagladyrn
    Hope flies in the face of all available evidence to reassure us that "This too shall pass".