Why is everything so HUGE?

  1. Is something wrong with my computer? I came here today and everything is swollen. It doesn't even fit on my screen and I have a big screen. I have to slide from left to right even after I make it full page! It's too hard to read.
    Brian, what gives?


    P.S. Oh, by the way, I do not like it.
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    Hey shygirl!

    Go up to your toolbar at the top of your screen. Click on "view," and then "Text Size." Sometimes when youdo certain things to your puter it resets these settings. Sometimes it's just a wild and wacky thing, but they need to be reset. There will be a little black dot next to what you are currently set on. Try changing that to something smaller.

    Hope that helps!

  4. by   Jenny P
    Heather, you are a doll! Here I've been struggling to read small print for weeks because my son had reduced the text size and I thought my eyesight was getting worse hanging out on the 'puter too much! I never knew that button was there! This is readable again! I may cancel that eye appointment!
  5. by   emily_mom
    I thought I was the only one that woke up this morning to find font two inches high. I couldn't remember how to change it and I didn't want to call my brother again (computer dude). Seems like I call him all the time. Now, I can just alternate between him and you, Heather!!! Thanks!

    Heather saves the day, making it safe, once again, for the nurses to post away....

    Did it work for you shygirl?

  7. by   Rustyhammer
    I'm telling you....She is the "ALLNURSES COMPUTER GEEK!"
    I'm cool with that! Just be careful... if you p*ss me off I'm likely to hack into your crap!

  9. by   shygirl
    Heather, I have tried looking all over. I have no "tool" bar that has view and text size. I do on my microsoft works page, but not here. At the top of my tool bar, it has file, edit,print, window, sign off, help. None of those contain anything. Thanks for trying. I guess I'll be stuck with swollen allnurses from now on!
  10. by   emily_mom
    You don't have a view right next to the edit button? It's under there....between the edit and favorites buttons... Let me know if you need help.
    Yeah... it's "the" toolbar. Should be up there with your browser (I guess I'm assuming that you use IE).

    Mine reads "File, Edit, VIEW, Favorites, Tools, Help."

    I guess I'll be stuck with swollen allnurses from now on!
    You say that like being stuck with something swollen is a bad thing????

  12. by   Rustyhammer
    Your display settings may also be off.
    click start, control panel, settings then slide the bar under screen resolution to the "more" side. This increases the resolution and makes the screen smaller.
    I have mine set at 1024x768 pixels.
    Rusty -

    I love it when you talk computer geek! Makes me all hot...

  14. by   kids
    At the very top of your screen, the bar says:

    File Edit View Favorites Tools Help

    (and maybe some other stuff- I don't remember if I have modified mine)

    Click on View

    scroll down...should be like the 7th thing down:

    text size...should give you like 5 choices.