Why are we silent?

  1. 19 Italian soldiers were killed in Nasiriya, Iraq, last November, and millions of Italians poured into the streets for a mass funeral to honor the young men and women who gave all in service to their county. Why are we silent?

    Over 500 of our fallen soldiers return from Iraq into Dover Air Force Base with no publicity and no national attention, slipped in under cover. Tens of thousands of our soldiers return to Walter Reed Hospital and lesser facilities bearing life-altering wounds. Why are we silent?

    Bombs were placed in Spanish trains by terrorists, hundreds were killed and wounded. Within hours, millions of Spaniards were in the streets to demand accountability from their elected officials. Why are we silent?

    Three thousand people were killed by terrorists on American soil 9/11/01. We stayed home and watched our televisions. Our President opposed a commission to examine the failures that lead to this disaster, and when forced to appoint a commission, did everything in his power to obstruct their ability to learn the truth. Why are we silent?