Why are men so stubborn?

  1. Why are men so stubborn? My husband who is the most sensible person I have ever known can be so unreasonable with certain things. Like going to the doctor. He has had a cough for over 3 months (life-long NON smoker) that just doesn't want to go away. He has been on two different antibiotics and no change. Yesterday he tells me that sometimes he has trouble catching his breath and gets short winded. I said that was it, he was going to make an appointment with doctor. I think he has asthma. Strong family history of it. Hope it isn't anything worse. You know why he didn't want to go to the doctor? He knows the doctor will probably prescribe a rescue inhaler for him and he doesn't want to take another med. (He takes four prescription meds now-atenelol, Vioxx, Levoxyl,Prevacid). I said, let's see. Medicine and breathe no medicine, no breathe..Hmmmm? What is so hard about figuring that out? Just my rant for today...
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    Hubby also has asthma and is very stubborn about going to the doc for meds, He usually only goes when it's bad, when it's a full blown URi or bronchitis or something that's got his lips looking a little blue. One of those "yeah, I haven't been there in a few months but can ya get me in today" kind of deals, and it embarrasses me because he should know better.

    He hasn't taken his Singulair in months because he won't go to the doctor to get a refill.

    I dunno the answer. I just keep awesome life insurance on him.

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    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    I dunno the answer. I just keep awesome life insurance on him.
    I will have to check into how much life insurance I have on my hubby....
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    Here is something interesting I pulled up from a pulmo site:

    Asthma that is asymptomatic except for cough is called cough-variant asthma. This condition is difficult to diagnose because the physical examination and pulmonary function test results can be normal. The diagnosis may be suggested by caused by cold air, fumes, fragrances, or exercise. Coughing that starts after the initiation of a beta-blocker also suggests asthma. Beta-blockers are medications commonly used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease, migraines, palpitations, and other conditions.

    I noticed your husband is on a beta-blocker and I remembered something about a cough and beta-blockers, just took a while to find it.

    ACE inhibitors ar notorious for causing a nagging cough.

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    Originally posted by 2ndCareerRN
    :I noticed your husband is on a beta-blocker and I remembered something about a cough and beta-blockers, just took a while to find it.
    Hey, I didn't think about that....I am not sure if I even knew that beta-blockers could cause a nagging cough. I knew that ACE inhibitors can. My hubby has been on the atenelol for about 2 years...

    He has an appointment to see the doctor today (Friday)....we will see what he says....

    Thanks for taking time to search that...:kiss
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    My line of thinking was the family hx of asthma and the ability of beta-blockers to cause cough variant asthma....well, he could be

    As a rule I don't think beta-blockers cause a cough, at least not like ACE inhibitors. But, the beat-blockers can cause bronchospasm, which would also cause a cough.

    Was just doing some free thinking about his problem. Hope it can help a little bit. Asthma can be very nasty. We have been seeing a lot of it in the ER this winter.


    BTW. Not all men are stubborn, I see a doc at least 12 days a month.
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    I thought you asked why are men so stupid...time to get new glasses.
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    Wonder why he's so adverse to going to the doctor as given his scripts he obviously has experience with them.

    But I can't talk. I've been to the doctor once for tonsilitis. That's it for about 12 years when I had to have an exam to get my license in Florida.

    I was told I had hepatis B (asymptomatic contraction of unknown time and duration), do you think I get my liver checked just for safe keeping? No.....denial is bliss. I have chronic headaches that I take a lot of motrin for. They flair up every now and then. Have I ever been to a doctor? No...denial is bliss.

    Must be a guy thing. You wouldn't understand.
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    As a guy, and maybe a wee bit stubborn, this is my input: Every day we are bombarded with TV, Radio, Newspaper etc. articles RE: high cholesterol, too fat, eating wrong, and on and on. All this is supposed to cause our imminent demise. We hate going to Dr.s because they may find one of these horrible things wrong with us, causing us to have to quit providing for our family maybe, lifestyle changes that we don't really want to make etc. etc. So the answer in a nutshell is, ignorance is bliss. So there you are IMHO.
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    Originally posted by kids-r-fun
    I thought you asked why are men so stupid...time to get new glasses.
    it's all about interpretation..stubborn-stupid close enough
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    I have it and only go to the dr when I am on deaths door.....I am just as stubborn........

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    I feel your pain, my hubby is a pain too about going to the doctor. He wants me to call the doctor tell the doctor what is wrong and get some kind of magic pill, he just can't believe that the Dr. actually needs to see him !! AAAAAAAAAAAAG I wish I had a answer for you but unfortunately I don't.

    Perhaps my mother figured it out when she said, "Men don't grow up they only grow old".
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    My husband is very stubborn too! Never wanted to go to a doctor, till spring last year I dragged him to one.
    His cholesterin and LDL, triglycerides etc. were sky-high as was his RR.
    Doctor told him go on like this and you won't get to celebrate your 45 birthday.
    That was a shock for him! He went on a diet immediately and lost 11 kg. He also cut down (almost to nill) on alcohol and took up playing tennis.
    Now just last week he was in for a control and yes, the liver-enzymes look much better (still not normal of course) and his BP is back to normal! (Without medication mind you)

    sometimes they need a shocker to realize (in his case, a good friend, his age having a massive heartattack) that their health is very precious too.