Who uses eBay?

  1. I was challenged to start a poll on eBay. . . .

    So I am!

    (And I am going to attempt to refrain to mention ANYTHING having to do with one's "bun bun". . . this is going to hard!)

    I had a pretty lousy experience with eBay when, basically, I lost about $800.00 on a digital recording device marked "excellent condition" that ended up being mostly broken. That experience was my first and my last time on eBay.

    How about you? Have you ever used eBay? If so, what has been your experience with this service?

    Enjoy yet another poll. . .



    (How's that, deespoohbear??? Bottom line is. . . I can be a good boy! Yep! I'm never going to be caught in the rear! Butt will always remain in the forefront of things. . . .yes-sireee!!!)
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  2. Poll: What, if any, is your experience(s) with eBay?

    • I never used eBay.

      18.37% 9
    • I've used eBay and I've never been stung!

      57.14% 28
    • I've used eBay and my experiences are mixed. . . both good and bad.

      22.45% 11
    • I've used eBay and my experience was dreadful!

      2.04% 1
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  4. by   deespoohbear
    Ted, good going!! I am impressed!! (And definitely convinced you need to get out more!!!). Take your wife out!!
  5. by   Dr. Kate
    Ebay feeds into the way I like to shop and my love of auctions. I have been shopping on ebay about 18 months now. I started very small and the most I have spent was just over $300. I have had three things never show up with no contact from the seller after taking the money. I think the total was less than $30.
    Overall, I have found the people on ebay to be honest, understanding, and pretty easy to work with.
    When I first started on ebay I spent a lot of time, usually Friday nights (I gotta get a life) lurking on the chat boards getting a feel for the problems sellers had with buyers. If I have a problem with something I email the person rather than dis them in feedback. Most problems I have had tend to be misunderstanding or human error. I try to be as understanding as I would want someone to be of me.

    For me, the unfortunate thing is that I find ebay addictive. I have all manner of strange things now I never knew I needed and have cornered the west coast sweater guard market. I deal primarily in cash for just this reason.

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Ebay can be a great source of hard to find items.
  6. by   Ted
    Originally posted by deespoohbear
    Ted, good going!! I am impressed!! (And definitely convinced you need to get out more!!!). Take your wife out!!
    Will do!

  7. by   researchrabbit
    I sell stuff on ebay -- my best sale was a copper dish which I bought for .69 and turned out to be worth $285! Mostly, though, I make $2-5 per item I sell. Mostly I sell old junk -- and I love fabrics, vintage clothing, patterns, laces, sewing stuff in general.

    I sell a lot of vintage girdles to men overseas. I always wonder about that...
  8. by   sunnygirl272
    we've bought lotsa shtuff on ebay...had one Xbox gaem that was not sealed as described..emailed the seller, and they refunded our$$....got a set of golfclubs that the strap iof the bag was absent, got a bit of attitude from the dude about it,,,wrote to the bag company and they sent a whole brandnew bag....
    did you contact ebay, ted? tell us the story....
  9. by   Vsummer1
    I have over 600 transactions on ebay. I used to sell as well as buy.

    My experience is that you really have to know what you are buying, ask questions and check ratings. I have returned items to sellers, and accepted returns from buyers as well with NO problems. I don't do as much on there as I used to. Ebay raised fees -- the post office raised fees, and the small costs add up over time to make it not as much a bargain, and not as profitable to sell.

    However, if I am looking for something I still check the auctions and I got my computer, speakers, keyboard & mouse from Ebay. I bought the computer from Dell with the warranty at less cost than I could have from the Dell website. It was a lease return and I have a warranty through Dell! So, there are bargains to be had.
  10. by   emily_mom
    I was also addicted to Ebay! That is, until I became addicted to this website! Which is much cheaper, I might add!

    I have never been screwed by anyone but my hubby did buy some Snap On tools for over $300 and they were rusty. But, Snappy replaced them. So, it was a really good deal overall. I had something come and the box was damaged (collectible that drastically affects value). It was UPS's fault and they refunded our money for the claimed value. All in all, I have had good experiences w/ it. Just can't afford it anymore...

  11. by   JonRN
    I buy and sell on both ebay and half.com. I have found most people to be honest and reliable, but like Val said it is getting harder to make any money on there. But I still put books for sale on half.com even though I don't make much, they are out of my way and I don't have to dust them. The best money I ever made on ebay was selling an old pottery catalog I bought at a barn sale for a dime, it bought over 100 bucks. You never know what people want, and how much they are willing to pay for it.
  12. by   Mkue
    I used to buy and sell on ebay, just no time anymore. I have gotten some really neat clothing items with tags on at totally awesome prices !

    I purchased most of my dinnerware (Fiesta) from Ebay!

    It is really FUN to shop there
  13. by   tonicareer
    Wow been thinking about selling on ebay and half for a long while. Wondered if it was a hassle to wrap and ship stuff but you guys have me convinced. I have lived in the same place like 17 years and tons of accumulated stuff. Since I want to move this would be a good way to clean. Hey maybe I will make enough to pay for school after all.
  14. by   Reabock
    DD and I both buy and sell, have an excellant feedback rating also! She got stung once by sending an item before the check cleared, not only lost sale money but had to pay for the bad check fee and never heard from the buyer again. Did leave bad feedback for them and reported them to ebay. Thankfully it was only for a small amount, good lesson I guess. Now we only accept PayPal and money orders. I have bought 2 sewing machines with no problems, also sell books and videos on half.com and do fair with that, gets them out of my house, as someone else said! You do need to report your problems with your transaction to ebay to see if it can be resolved. Like everything else in life, there is good and bad everywhere and one must be wary.
  15. by   shygirl
    I use Ebay all the time. I have never been burned. Everything I has been in excellent if not new condition. You can always click on the user and see the feedback!