Who shot JFK?? What's your theory?

  1. Hi Guys, I am watching the history channel, and I have been fascinated in the alternate theories since I did my highschool term paper on who really shot JFK.

    So, do you believe it was a gov't conspiracy? The Mafia? Oswald? Why do you think what you do.

    All I can say is I am 100% convinced that Oswald did not shoot JFK, and that it is a gov't coverup. I am not exactly sure why though. But there are several people on this special who have given additional insight that I haven't heard before that strongly leads to gov't coverup, but they again, didn't go into why.

    So, I am curious, first, where were you on Nov 22, 1963? (I was one year old) And what is your theory and why?
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  3. by   adrienurse
    Well, it wasn't me. Good allebye-- I wasn't born yet.
    Originally posted by adrienurse
    Well, it wasn't me. Good allebye-- I wasn't born yet.
    Ditto. 1963? My mom was only 9. But I remember being fascinated by the topic in history class. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the specials again, to refresh my memory.

    Me, I watch too much X-Files. So I whole-heartedly believe that lots of things are gov't conspiracies. :spin: :spin:

  5. by   hoolahan
    Ooohh I love the X-files too, so happy it's on everynight of the week starting Oct 1st! This is what I will watch while I cook dinner.

    Your mom was only 9??!! Man, I feel Older Than Dirt now! LOL!
  6. by   Rustyhammer
    I was 5 in '63.
    Heather, you should post a pic of your mom! Whatya say?
  7. by   Lausana
    The man on the grassy knoll of course...

    Actually I was just talking about this with my favorite history junkie the other night, he says mulitple shooters, I'll have to ask him to elaborate

    (I was of course not born yet, my mom was there in utero-born 11/29/63) :chuckle But luckily I've heard countless retails of the day from my grandparents & aunt
  8. by   fab4fan
    I was teething...

    There is no way that Oswald could have gotten off three shots with a manual action rifle with such precision...it's a joke. What's even a bigger joke is that our senator, Arlen Specter, put forth the "magic bullet" theory...makes me embarrassed to be a Pennsylvanian.

    I do believe that the gov't was involved somehow, and that we will never know the truth. Jim Garrison, former DA of Orleans Parish, LA, wrote a really interesting book, "On the Trail of the Assassins." If the Kennedy assassination interests you, I would recommend it.
  9. by   fab4fan
    Actually I was just talking about this with my favorite history junkie the other night, he says mulitple shooters, I'll have to ask him to elaborate (quote)

    He's probably referring to the theory that there were three shooters, and that there was a "triangulation of crossfire" due to the nature of the injuries, and from viewing the Zapruder film.
  10. by   CATHYW
    8Well, I seem to be the antique on the board tonight! I was in the 7th grade, and had just come in from PE into the locker room when the principal came over the loudspeaker with the announcement that the President had been shot. It was the end of the day, and it wasn't until I got home that I found our he had died. I opened the back door, and my Mom was in the kitchen. I told her that the President had been shot, and she said, "Cathy don't you ever lie to me like that again. That's not funny." When I finally persuaded her that I wasn't lying, she turned on the TV. That is when we heard Walter Cronkite announce that the President had died.

    Now to your question-I believe that Oswald did fire 2 shots. One that hit Kennedy and then Gov. Connally, and another that Kennedy. I think that there was definitely at least one other shooter on the grassy knoll and behind the fence, at the edge of the parking lot. Some say that he was in a military uniform, or that of a police officer. I've seen the enhanced tapes, and a badge is definitely visible.

    I think the assasination was a conspiracy, and that Oswald was the "fall guy," and the patsy. I believe that Jack Ruby was a part of the conspiracy.

    I find the historical shows fascinating, and I am so glad that you younger allnurses folks think so too. For good or for bad, it is a history that all Americans share.

    BTW-I think the Warren Commission was totally bogus, and a fabrication. I watched the entire thing when it was shown on TV, (I was in the 8th grade then), and as I was watching it, knew I was being lied to. My parents were simply baffled by the whole goings-on. None of us could beleive that was the government's final say on the situation.
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  11. by   deespoohbear
    I wasn't here yet either. My Dad had just graduated high school in June 63, and Mom was a senior. (I came along in Sept 68 ). I am not really sure if I have a definite answer who shot Kennedy. I have watched countless shows on the History channel and such but not sure what to believe anymore. Guess we will never know the truth. A lot of the people involved on that day are no longer with us, and the ones who are not spring chickens.

    Everyone that I have ever met though who was alive and old enough to remember when JFK was shot can tell you right where they were at the time and what they were doing. My Dad said he was working at the gas station and a customer told him. My Mom was actually playing hooky from school that day and helping her sister out with the baby. Said she heard on the TV.
  12. by   micro
    I was two, but "looking back"........
    more than Oswald was involved.....
    but that is not the theory that I was taught about.....

    one man only.........

    hey, change of subject......
    Arlington Road.......
    was that a great movie or what.....
    talk about conspiracies........
  13. by   night owl
    I just love topics of this sort! I was in 3rd grade getting ready to go home when Sr. Superior came over the intercom and told us the sad news...
    I believe that it was a big cover-up and the gov't had everything to do with it! LBJ had alot to do with it due to the fact he wanted to be president. There were other things behind it like civil rights which Kennedy was all for and certain others were totally against. I also believe that there were more than one assassin. Oswald was one of them. The grassy knoll guy who was a police officer in disguise was another, The third person, I'm not sure where he was, but some show actually reported that someone hid in a storm drain in the street. The Warren Commission did a sloppy covered up autopsy, and did a lousy job at that. A.Specter should have been embarrassed to even open his mouth about some magic bullet bull----. The only thing the investigation came up with were even more unanswered questions about the assassination. After everyone who was involved dies, little by little the truth will be revealed because...the truth is out there...(Theme from x-files plays on)
    Thanks for recommending the book fab4fan. I can't wait to get my hands on it!
    And hoolahan, great thread!
  14. by   JonRN
    Man Oh Man am I ever old. I was in the Army, and they came on the loudspeaker and said "the president, your commander-in-chief has been killed. I was at Ft. Sheridan, IL (now upscale housing) at that time. As to whodunnit, absolutely no way could it have been Oswald alone with a crappy Carcano (Italian) rifle. Woulda been a difficult shot for a sniper with state-of-the-art equipment.


    P.S. for any gov't agents monitoring this board, this is just my opinion, I have no actual knowledge of the event.
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