Who plays Computer games such as Everquest and Diablo II?

  1. I just wondered who plays these games?? I play Everquest on the Vazaelle server and Diablo II just whenever and wherever I get the urge and am bored with EQ.....anyone else?
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  3. by   Zohar
    Thankfully, I haven't been bitten by the Eversmack bug, but I do occasionally play Quake3, Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament, and pretty much anything else that involves shooting other people online with obscenely gigantic weapons, and creating a massive amount of blood and giblets on the screen.

    I'm a non-violent person, really I am!
    Hubby is a ******* Quake addict! Seriously, I tell him all the time I will name that ******* game as his mistress in our divorce settlement!

    I'm thinking about starting an "I hate Quake/Everquest/any other dumb ass computer game" support website if anyone is interested.

  5. by   Robin61970
    My hubby and I play EQ together........
  6. by   sunnygirl272
    We are Halo addicts in this household...however, we just got Marrowind, ordered off Ebay at the request of Evil (step-)Son #2... They haven't been here since it came in the mail...Jay keeps b!tching about how stupid it is,,...but he has been playin' it allllllll day....lol..it worked better with the 2 of us playing...him on the controls and me with the guidebook....
    anyhoo.....almost time for me to turn it off, or he'll never come to bed....
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    Hubby and sons are Diablo addicts to the point they play on-line with sons friends using upstairs AND downstairs computers. Walky-talky is used by both (along with friend) to give advice re which swords/armour/devices to pickup or discard!

    Now THAT's an addiction.

    And they talk about ME checking out allnurses. Humph!
  8. by   Robin61970
    Better than the yell through the house method,lol.....
  9. by   Zee_RN
    Asheron's Call on the Frostfell server. Hubby plays too. AC and Everquest are quite similar, I'm told.