Who Has Inspired You?

  1. Now, I know that many of you are going to say Jesus....but let's try to add onto that..........Who has inspired you and in what way?

    My grandmother inspired me..she was such a strong woman who ran our family like clockwork without anyone realizing it until she was gone. She never complained and loved everyone.
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    And as far as famous people: Sharon Osbourne inspires me......what a strong, incredibly brave woman that puts up with a lot from Ozzy and kids while giving them all the love she has to give.
  4. by   Mandarella
    ok, i m going into nursing with the intentions of working with cancer patients...why?

    my grandmother died of lung cancer when i was young-and we were inseparable, she was in fact my best friend and i still can't talk about her without getting teary.
    i then worked on a cancer floor for 8 years...more direction from above on where to go...the patients and families were amazing, too many stories to share but the patients gave me a sense of purpose.

    my sense of commitment to animal rights and rescue...i think i was born that way...even when i was a little girl i woud prefer to play with stuffed animals over dolls. but my friend who started a greyhound rescue is one of the greatest people i know. he selfishly gives of his time and money to help hundreds of animals in need, i definately get inspiration from him.