Who else hates going to the dentist?

  1. I just got back from the dentist. I had to have an old cavity refilled, no problem. But they shot me up with so much lidocaine that I am numb up to my left eyebrow, part of my scalp, and my left ear! It feels so weird when I blink my eyes, my left lid is numb too. My tongue feels like it is three times bigger than it should be, and I keep biting it! I know that's going to hurt when this stuff wears off!

    I really hate getting dental work done!

    Thanks for letting me vent!
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  3. by   Mary Dover
    RN2b - I can empathize. I HATE lidocaine. It makes my heart race and makes me feel all jumpy. HATE IT! I always ask for the anesthesia without the epinephrine. It works just as well, but apparently doesn't act to constrict blood vessels and control bleeding the way the epi does. Still numbs ya, so it may not be any less uncomfortable for you. I have been seeing a new dentist, fresh out of dental school. He is such a sweetie though. I am so glad I found him. A dentist with a good chair-side manner can make a big difference in how you deal with the dreaded dental visit.
    Hope you feel better soon!!! Take care.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    I am a big wienie when it comes to dentists, so i can relate Mary and RN2B....I had a childhood dentist who promised he would not hurt and always did. So I guess I have dental PTSD!! LOL!

    I haven't gone to one in over 10 years now so I'm due but I'll have to find one of those 'special' ones that cater to fearful patients....also know I'm gonna get a lecture which makes me put it off longer.
  5. by   darla80
    hey ya'll.. I just got back from the dentist

    Not my favorite thing but my dentist has head phones television and remotes ..... Gives me the illusion of control to lay there and flip channels ;-)

    What is it that bothers you about the dentist?

    For me... it is that darn noise.. ahghhh they need to work on more high tech QUIET equipment..I turn the volume up on the headset and try to ZOne out.. can't use Lamaze or timed breathing, can't chat, can't tell jokes, can't laugh, can't sing, can't fidget... Most of your usuaol coping mechanisms are shot in that crazy tilt back chair ;- 0
  6. by   CountrifiedRN
    Mary, thanks, I now have sensation to my face and mouth. I just hate that numb feeling, and biting my tongue, hearing the "crunch", and not feeling it, but knowing I will feel it later! (Sorry for the mental image!) I always ask for the lidocaine without epi too. I already have an irreg heart beat, and the epi makes it go wild and it skips beats, gets scary! My dentist is kind of new too, and he's a pretty funny guy. Him and the hygienist crack jokes all the time, and I was afraid they were going to make me laugh when he had that LONG needle in my mouth.

    Mattsmom, LoL, dental PTSD! That sounds about right to me! Too many bad experiences to count, mostly while as a military dependent. Don't put it off too long though, many dental practices have changed, and it's not as bad as it used to be.

    Darla - wow! Your dentist has TV?? That would be pretty nice, maybe take your mind off what they're doing. I always hated the noise of the drill, although this dentist has a pretty quiet one. But I can totally relate to not being able to do ANYTHING while in that chair. They had to remind me to breathe today because I started holding my breath, didn't realize it! But my dentist kind of has fun with it, the big goof! He'll be talking to you, then ask you a question while your mouth is wide open and the suction thing is in there and he's got some tool or other there too. Then he'll say, " Oh, that's okay, don't answer, I understand".

    I guess the next worse thing is the needle in the mouth. They put some stuff on to numb it before the shot, so I don't really feel it, it's just the psychological issue.
    Originally posted by Mary Dover
    I HATE lidocaine. It makes my heart race and makes me feel all jumpy. HATE IT! I always ask for the anesthesia without the epinephrine. It works just as well, but apparently doesn't act to constrict blood vessels and control bleeding the way the epi does.
    Wow Mary, I always get that way with the lidocaine too! I just thought it was some weird freaky extension of my irrational fear, a panicy reaction, but I bet it's the epi. I'll have to inquire about that next time I go.

    But seriously, I HATE THE DENTIST. I'd rather get a pap smear. Those don't involve needles or drilling. I haven't been in over a year, and I got this toothache brewin...

  8. by   kaycee
    I hate the dentist too. have an appointment tomorrow in fact. Just a check up, hopefully no cavities to fill. I react to the epi in the lido mix too. Must be a nurse thing lol. Anyway I can relate.
  9. by   night owl
    I've had so much done to my teeth that I could probably be a dentist by now if I had a mirror and watched everytime. After awhile it's a piece of cake! I guess you have to go more often to get used to it. I would still be having work done when my six months check up came around!! I haven't been for a while now and the last time I went I had a clean slate. When my husband asked me to marry him, I said, "Do you have dental insurance???"
    He said, "Yeah" I said, "Ok, then I'll marry you, no problem..."
  10. by   judy ann
    I've gone to the same dentist for 20 years. I've paid for his house, sent his kids through college, and him and his wife to Europe twice. So what does he do? He RETIRES? What kind of gratitude is that? I even took goodies to the office at every visit. (What better place to be for goodies. Your get a cavity, you are in the right place!) So now, I'm shopping for a new dentist!
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  11. by   tirramisue
    The worst part of the dentist for me is getting shots in the mouth and then that lingering numb feeling, I just hate it....so the last trip to the dentist I requested no novocaine. The dentist told me he would stop at any time and inject me if I needed it, but I got 4 fillings with no pain.
  12. by   MollyJ
    Hate the Dentist.

    At the OB-GYN, I am a veteran of multiple cryo's and colpo's.

    Still would take the ob over the dds. I do think it has with no ability to HEAR what they are doing to my cervix (but it would sound like this: snap, click, stzsssssssss!)

    My dental coping rules:

    Go every six months: it cuts down on the amount of restorative work you have to have done. Dental hygienists are much cooler than dentists.

    Find a dentist that gives a painless local. they exist. They use a topical, then a fine gauge to deliver the local and use distraction techniques (like tapping or jiggling your lip while they deliver the local.)

    Dentists don't like to give it, but nitrous can be nice. I remember having a crown done with nitrous. Nice floaty, but not unconscious and I remember thinking: Gee, I'd like to SEE what they are doing to me. That's when I realized what nitrous did for you.

    I have a nice dentist here in town. Been going to him for about 5 years now. He has not done ANY restorative work yet (see the first point about regular trips to the hygienist). If he hurts me ONCE I will return to my old dentist 100 miles from my home. I know my old dentist won't hurt me. Also, more than one teacher I work with now tells me that my current dds had a reputation as a pot smoker when he was in high school. (It's true he's very laid back...) So, he's on the one strike, your out plan.
  13. by   Mary Dover
    One thing I remember from childhood. My mom took my younger sister and me to the dentist q 6 months. But you know what? I don't recall EVER getting shots in the mouth back then. What's up with that? Did they just not used to do it...or has my memory failed that much?
  14. by   Marj Griggs
    I've been seeing my present dentist since 1972--I'm in the middle of a crown replacement of the first one he did for me (in 1972). Of all the procedures I've had done, I hate the lidocaine the most (and I have 20--count 'em 20--crowns. And 4 root canals. But I have all my own teeth, if you can call it that!!)