Who are you thinking of?

  1. There are enough threads debating the necessity, timing, and reasoning of this war. Please don't continue it here. There's really no reason to debate it anymore, what's done is done and the course has been set.

    So, I'd like to use this thread to mention the people we're thinking of. The people we know that are risking their lives to serve this country.

    My son's teacher has a large framed photo of her son, in uniform and standing by the flag, that adorns her desk. Quite breath taking. I think of them both every time I watch the news.

    Also, a couple of my coworkers have sons that are overseas. My thoughts are with them also.

    I hope they do the job and come home safely to their loved ones.

    Who is in your thoughts?
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  3. by   baseline
    I have many friends who have loved ones that are overseas in this war. Two of my cousins have husbands who are generals in the military. I think of my honey so far away, and of all my friends and family.

    I think of the young men and women I have never met who face the possibility of dying for what they believe in......and I am humbled.
  4. by   Ted
    Very good thread, Heather.

    Right now? This very minute? There's a person who recently posted a message on the "Open for Discussions" forum. She mentioned that her son is in the service . . . and that she is preparing to take the NYCLEX test. I guess I'm thinking about the two of them. My hope is that her son will survive and that she takes and passes the NYCLEX test. . . and sees her son again.

  5. by   RN always
    Awesome thread Heather! I can't help think about ALL the people over there and also the loved ones left behind to worry like the moms and dads and spouses and children. I also think about the innocent lives that will be taken. God Bless them all!
  6. by   RNonsense
    Originally posted by baseline
    I think of the young men and women I have never met who face the possibility of dying for what they believe in......and I am humbled.
    Awesome post...could not have said it better myself.
  7. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    I think of an ex boyfriend, the only man besides my husband that I've ever loved, who is in the Army. But I also think of all of the brave, selfless people who are willing to give their lives for my freedom.
  8. by   kaycee
    A co-worker who is in special forces. May he stay safe and return home to his family soon.
  9. by   kids
    To many to count.
  10. by   Stargazer
    Wonderful thread idea.

    The first 2 people I think of are one of my best friends, currently active duty in the Air Force, although due to her specific job she probably will never see combat; and an online friend of mine, an active duty Marine, who amost certainly will.

    However, we are surrounded by military bases here in the Seattle-Tacoma area: McChord Air Force Base, Fort Lewis, several naval bases, Coast Guard--and I can't help thinking of all the local families separated from their loved ones right now.
  11. by   angelac1978
    a young man I go to church with who is in the nat'l guard, his wife was battling leukemia but has been in remission for a few years, they have been married for about 6mos and had just bought a new house when he received his deployment orders, also 2 others in the same guard unit, one who's wife is due to deliver in less than a month and another who, when he got his deployment orders, married his girlfriend in a ceremony at around midnight on a Monday night. My thoughts are with all of the troops and their families, may this conflict be short-lived.

  12. by   Hidi74
    I am praying for them all!!!
  13. by   litebrite
    OBNURSEHEATHER, what a wonderful thread to start. " There's really no reason to debate it anymore, what's done is done and the course has been set," my thoughts exactly.

    I know many people over seas too. One couple got married right before he left a few weeks ago. Another has a child who had complications after birth and is trached with feeding tube and she is preganant again, scared to death. trying to help her all I can, she is a wreck. Tonight she couldn't even speak she was so upset. This one touches my heart so much. My best friend since childhood who has been through so much in the past few years is who I am focusing on. Because he was in the military some guys decided it would be fun to attack him. He was drugged, attacked, and then pushed off a roof. He was on a respirator for a week and the outlook was bleak. He had a craniotomy and came back fighting. While this was going on his father died young of cancer. He worked hard and graduated from a military school (WP) and he doing great. No real major after effects from the fall. He was sent to Japan right after graduation and then relocated. He is now fighting in the war, I'm not sure exactly where now. I just fear for his safety and feel for his family. His mother said that God wouldn't let him die in another country like that after he went through all that turmoil and came back strong. I hope that is true.

    I was watching TV when the breaking news appeared on the screen. I got goosebumps. It was a shock even though I knew it probably start tonight. Then I started balling after it set in. I pray for him and all the soldiers every night and hope for their safe return. I think about it a lot during the day too. I am thinking of all those soldiers and their families and all the children, my gosh all those children. It's just so sad to even to express in words. I can't describe the feelings I have. I am thinking of those families and friends of people fighting for their country. Of course the soldiers, can't express how I feel about them defending the country with their lives at stake. Please come home safe!!!!!!!!
  14. by   semstr
    Husband and all other people working in places, where SH or other terrorists could strike as revange.
    And I am thinking of all the innocent lives at stake, in the Middle-East, never mind their nationalities.