Who are you most destined to um, "be with"??

  1. Bart Simpson or Mel Gibson? Who are you most destined to doink????
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    I'm Sponge Bob....

    Ok, I keep editing this blasted thing, first the link will post, then the pic will and the link wont!!!! Sheesh!!!! I'm trying again.... I am hoping that the link to quizilla.com quizzes will post. Then just click on the "which guy...." quiz....

    Sheesh! lol, and this wasn't even my thread! Oh well. Atleast I got to practice my new computer knowledge thanks to Heather....
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    That one didn't work either.....

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    Man, you're going to have to go to www.quizilla.com and get it.....

    Must have something against copying it.....
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    I finally got my post right! I only edited it 4 times, lol
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    can't get the link to work either! no matter...i *know* heath ledger is.........

    all mine!!!!
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    Nooooooooo!!!! It was supposed to be Heath,I tell ya!

    (stupid quiz going to find out what swear word I am instead.May come in useful )
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  12. by   Lausana

    Karl Urban: you like them tall, dark, sexy and fun.

    Heck ya I do...but who is this guy?
  13. by   ShandyLynnRN

    Ok, I took it again and got this dude.... I think I'll stick to spongeBob:chuckle
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