White Sox news for ya, Shelly!

  1. hey......for all you people who watched the series (and shelley!).......heard on one of the chicago radio stations that the ratings were down 30 % from last year.

    thought you'd want to know, shelley. (i know......i know.....but i still say boston forever :hatparty: )

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  3. by   sjb2005
    Oh suebird,

    I was LOL so bad to see a thread with my name on it...
    Did I ever mention the greatness you have? LOL
    Ya know I'm just trying to get under your skin.
    Go Red Socks???? Now I'm just kissing up.
    Chocolate at my house...Ya coming?
    You can always send the moose up for a brain freeze...jack frost is in da house.
    Oh and did ya know the Twins won 2 world series? Ya, for sure, still got the homer hankies to prove it.:kiss
  4. by   suebird3
    do me a favour....keep the moose!

    couldn't resist the post.....boston made it to the series sooooooo many times, and never won. i remember sitting at work, watching the last pitch, and dialing my folks' phone number. thought for sure my dad would be going into cardiac arrest or worse. all i heard was some mighty loud noise...... guess it's in the blood.

    still....think of it this way......a pair of sox won the series!!!!
  5. by   sjb2005
    I feel for ya...

    I had these same feelings about the vikes when I was a weee little one...still no superbowl title.
    Gotta nice spot for the moose...I'll be sending the bus..lol
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I grew up going to the South Side to see my SOX play, every summer......(sometimes I miss those days). I say WOOT it is about time!!!!!! WAY TO GO SOX!
  7. by   sjb2005
    Oh Smiling,

    Go southside!
    I grew up in the south suburbs and had lots of relatives on the south side. I miss it and I don't. But very glad they won! Now those cubs got to do it before wantan ....well we won't go into that....that CPR comes in handy with the cubs...lol
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    rofl shelly.