Which one do you like the best? Jeannie or Bewitched or some other show?

  1. I like Bewitched! I wish I could twitch my nose like that and have everything right at my fingertips! How about you? What is you favorite old tv show?
  2. Poll: Jeannie or Samantha, who is your favorite?

    • I love Samantha!

      69.23% 9
    • I love Jeannie!

      30.77% 4
    • My favorite show is listed below!

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  4. by   nursegoodguy
    Definitely I dream of Jeannie! Jeannie was so full of life! I mean she was like a party girl! Plus she didn't take much from Tony... Samantha seemed to cave just a little too much... Besides, don't you just love all that pink smoke?
  5. by   Ted
    I grew up watching and loving both shows, actually.

    Also, "My Favorite Martian" was a good show too!
  6. by   Mkue
    I like both of them and "I Love Lucy" too. :chuckle
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Funny, I actually thought JEANNIE was more subserviant. Samantha usually ended up using her witch powers despite her husband's protests. She seemed to always find a way around him, plus she was just smarter than Darren.

    Maybe it was Jeannie's costume . . your first impression was slave-like . . . . like what I think when I see a nurse in a white uniform with a white cap . . . kowtowing to a man's (Doctor's) wishes.

    Ted, I loved My Favorite Martian AND Star Trek. My Dad never had to spank me . .he just used the threat that I wouldn't be able to watch Star Trek.

    I loved Batman and The Monkees too. (I Love Lucy too mkue)

  8. by   Ted
    Star Trek. . . I Love Lucy. . .

    Batman. . . The Monkeys. . .

    Dark Shadows. . . Carol Burnett. . . Mary Tyler Moore Show. . . Laugh- In. . . MASH. . . All in the Family. . .

    So many great t.v. shows back then!
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Ted . . you are so right. I loved MTM, Laugh-In, MASH, Carol Burnett, All In The Family . .. . . thank goodness for Nick at Night,

  10. by   Tookie
    Oh soooooo many memories
    Just to show how old l am - my very first show l loved (we got all the us series) was rin tin tin
  11. by   Rustyhammer
    The Rifleman!
  12. by   aimeee
    Bewitched had better plots. Jeannie had a better outfit.

    I LOVED My Favorite Martian.
  13. by   meandragonbrett
    Laverne and Shirley all the way!!

  14. by   Angelica
    Love American Style. I can still hear the theme song in my head.
  15. by   H ynnoD
    Dang We are all Old!!:roll