where to go for my mini vacation

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    We just went from 8 hour shifts to 12 hour shifts and I find myself with 5 (yes, count 'em 5) days off in a row without having asked for them. I would love to take the kids somewhere for a night or two, but don't know where this time of year. It's still so darn cold here in Michigan. Thought about just a night or so in a hotel with a pool. Pretty much wherever I go, it will involve a good amount of driving since I live in the middle of nowhere. Does anyone have any ideas? The funner and cheaper the better...lol.. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   nursedawn67
    Hey I too am in Michigan, Grayling has a nice Holiday Inn hotel, with an indoor pool and really nice restaurant. Some of the rooms walk right out to the pool area and some overlook that area. There is even a nice bar/lounge are for the parents, and an excercise room.
  4. by   mario_ragucci
    If I was in Michigan, and had kids, I'd go to a state park and spend my daze there. Maybe you can rent the equipment you would need to camp over night safely. Kids love to be outside, in the "wild" and putting their hands on stuff. You can tell them to gather wood for a fire. They would get into a huge bondfire at night. You could car camp, which is easiest. Seeing the stars on a cold night is magic. Kids love to burn stuff and look into a fire.
    State park + kids = fun memories :-)
  5. by   Jenny P
    Go with the hotel with pool idea; hey Mario, she lives in Michigan and the kids and she have probably had enough outdoors already this winter! You didn't say how old the kids are, but if there is a city near you that has a Children's Museum (if your kids a real young) and/or a Science Museum, you've got it made! We did the winter getaway to a hotel with pool when our kids were younger and the winters caused cabin fever; but we also live in the Twin Cities where we had membership to the Science Museum and would also go to the Children's museum (when the kids were young); either of which were great for keeping the kids busy all day long. And ordering in Pizza Hut or Domino's for supper by the pool is a lot cheaper and more relaxing than eating out with kids, too. If you decide to eat out, it's cheaper to eat out with kids for lunch than supper! (and the kids are usually better behaved at lunch than supper,too). We took our kids to eat in the Space Needle restaurant for lunch once when we took a train trip to Seattle and it was fairly reasonable, and worth it for the memories.

    PS Mario, it IS fun to winter camp; but by March, everyone is fairly SICK of winter when you live in the more Northern climes! Your idea would be great in November or December, though.
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  6. by   live4today
    First hubby and I use to take our three kids (now grown kids) to the Holiday Inn for several days at a stretch during the winter months. They absolutely loved it, too, because they could swim from morning to night...the little fishees that they are. If they couldn't swim on every vacation we went on, they were bored bored bored!
  7. by   galenight
    Thanks all for your ideas. My kids are 9 and 13, and we don't live near anything except Lake Huron. I live in a very rural area.. no science museum near.. or anything else for that matter. We aren't really a camping family. I wouldn't know the first thing to do.. nor do I have the equipment and nowhere near by rents it. A great idea though.. at least if it wasn't so darn cold. I think I'm going for the pool thing...but more suggestions would be great still have a few days until then.. thanks everyone
  8. by   Dplear
    I used to Live in Tawas City, in Michigan. We would take off for a quick 2-3 day trip to Niagra Falls. Even in the winter is is awesome and there are ALOT of inexpensive motels and rest. in the area. We would cut through Canada and enjoy the trip. I the Summer there is mothing lke it. I bet Kewlnurse could even suggest a few thing to do in the Buffalo NY area for ya..........